Pyrolysis and Other Fantastic Tales HTML version

Life is as ciclic as an ouroboros - the symbol of the
snake which bites its own tail.
These cicles can be observed in our lives, in society,
in the civilizations, on the continent coast and, who
knew, even in the Big Bang and the big crunch of
our universe.
The hindus and spiritists believe in reincarnation.
Isn’t it an ouroboros itself?
The ancients seemed to know things that nowadays
we try to rediscover. Science has illuminated our
path, but unfortunately it can’t explain all that
happens around us.
In the stories that come next I face human
dilemmas. People are put in extreme situations and
they seem not to be able to get rido f them. In
moments like these people get rid of their look and
have to run over these ciclic realities.
That’s when fear, desamparo, solitude, hold us and
oppress us. That’s when our dreams are involved
into nightmares and our lives seem not to be real.
Maybe you have already been in a situation similar
to the character’s in these stories. Not in the same
scene, but with the same feelings of desolation and
despair, facing cicles which you can’t get rid of
because they are part of your life.