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So it helps us, if we understand that money, or finances, or wealth, or riches, have a
spirit behind it, that seeks to use it.
Now we've got to understand, that I can have God on my money, and live in blessing in
my money - a river of blessing in my finances; or I can have the Spirit of Mammon
resting on it, and I will have many, many problems.
So the issue of money or wealth or riches, is really an issue of what controls your heart.
A person who has got a great heart with God, will be entrusted with a flow of resources
to work through their life. Their money is good - it's got the blessing of God on it. A
person who's under the control of Mammon, will live with other problems on their life.
We need to try and identify what they are.
We see then, that there is a spirit world; and there's a particular spirit called the Spirit of
Mammon, which competes for your heart, your attention, your relationship with God.
Now you notice here it says: “no one can serve two masters”, so how does Mammon
operate? How does that spirit operate? Is there any way I would know that Mammon
has got a hold of life? How could I know whether I'm under the influence of that spirit or
My assumption is: I'm not; but the problem is, that's the whole point of deception. You
think you're one thing, and then it's something else; so we want to have a look at that.
So the first thing to realise is: Mammon's intention is to control your heart, your love and
your loyalty. Notice what it says here: “no one can serve two masters. He'll hate one
and love the other. He'll be loyal to one and despise the other” - so here's the thing.
Mammon desires - it's a spirit see? So behind this, is a spirit. Here's the bait, and here's
the spirit; and the spirit wants to use the bait to gain control over your life.
So how does it do it? Well, what it's trying to do - its intention, is to have you love and
serve and be loyal to it - and that's always the way of idolatry. They wanted people to
bow to them, to love them, to serve them - but all idolatry ended up in bondage, fear -
terrible problems.
So Mammon is opposed to God. It's very clear in that scripture - you can't serve two
masters. So Mammon is an antichrist spirit.
It is an antichrist spirit. It's opposed to what God wants to do in your life; and the Bible's
very clear, that in the last days, it will so control the world's financial system, that
anyone who will not participate in that will actually be marked out and won't be able to
trade - so it's a spirit.
Secondly, it is looking for slaves or servants; so Mammon is a spirit that seeks to control
your life. Now don't think there's any neutrality in it - it's pushing on you all the time. It's
talking on you all the time, so Mammon is the spirit that seeks - it's looking for a slave.