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- Principle: whatever you give will come back to you increased.
- World system = trading – I give you something and I expect in return.
e.g. (v32-33) (i) repay someone ) What grace is on your life?
(v34) (ii) hoping for personal gain ) This is just trading
· There is no evidence of grace (true generosity) when give with agendas
5. Generosity is rewarded
· Jesus Directive: Love, do good, lend with no personal agenda of gain.
· Outcome: (i) You establish your identity – son of God. (righteous revealed)
Lk.6:35,38 (ii) You receive great reward from God. (This promise removes fear or
regret in giving).
· God is generous and will ensure a return that is generous. May come in unexpected form, may
be delayed, and may be in eternity.
· Example Acts10:2 Cornelius – gave alms generously and rewarded by God.
· Example Acts 4:36 Barnabus – gave generously = apostle.
There’s a great cure for poverty, it’s called get a job, work hard. God never set himself
up as the cure for laziness, or the cure for stupid. There is no supernatural, super-
spiritual thing that over comes a lack of hard work or laziness. We've got to be wise,
which means staying out of debt, not putting money in things going down in value, not
trusting the government to do it for us, live on a budget, take charge of your finances,
show self-control! To know God, is to take care of the poor and the afflicted. Tsedaqah
(Hebrew) is introduced, equating Righteousness with Generosity/Charity
Anytime that you bring up the topic of money, you open up all kinds of things - people
get really irritated; and they instantly go: is this law, or grace? The short answer to that
is: it’s all Grace.
If I can make a point: other than food and money, people don’t have a problem with the
Old Testament at all.
If I were to say: the topic for the seminar today is “don’t be sexually intimate with your
mother”, that’s in Leviticus 12, it’s a command: don’t be sexually intimate with your
mother. But that verse is nowhere in the New Testament; and I guarantee you no one
would say: wait a minute, you’re putting us under law!
Even though its nowhere in the New Testament, if I were to say: the topic of today’s
lesson is “Don’t burn your children in Fire”, I guarantee you no one would say: wait a
minute, you’re putting us under law!