Put God First HTML version

This principle follows everywhere. Romans 5:8 – “While we're yet sinners, Christ died
for us. God in His generosity, gave His first born”.
Jesus Christ was called the lamb of God, the spotless lamb of God. He was called the
Firstborn, from the dead; so Jesus Christ - God actually modelled it. God gave, or He
gave of His Son.
He gave generously and extravagantly; He gave His Son, who was holy and spotless
and clean? His Son, Jesus came to the earth, born of a human body.
Now here's the deal: we are unclean in sin, but God's offering of His first born, makes all
of us clean. In other words, the blessing comes on all of humanity, because the first is
Jesus never had His life taken from Him - He gave His life. There's no duty, or taking -
right through the Bible - when it comes around this area of this first portion to God. It's
always an issue of Faith, of trusting that God's principles will work.
You see it from one end to the other. Even in the Garden of Eden, God gave them
plenty, but He said: there's one that belongs to Me; you can't touch that one - touch that
one and you die.
The first is always something God says „belongs to Him’. I don't have to give Him
everythi ng to prove that He's Lord of my life. What I need to do is, to show He's my
Lord, by actually taking the first portion and giving it to Him.
He may ask me to give at various times, and He has done in all kinds of ways; but if the
first is in His hands, then the rest is blessed. The big deal is to put the first in His hands.
You're all very happy today, everyone happy? There's something, a pressure comes
around, every time we try and talk about this area.
Have a look in Leviticus 27:30 – “All the tithe of the land (all, all the tithe of the land),
whether the seed of the land or the fruit of the tree, is the Lord's. It's holy to the Lord”.
God is saying to people that He's provided for abundantly, He's given them all this
wealth; and He's saying: the first portion or the tithe belongs to Me. It belongs to God.
Now here's an interesting thing. If my finance resources and life is under God, then I
show it by giving the tenth. When I give Him the tenth, the rest is under the blessing. If I
withhold the tenth, I'm withholding what belongs to God.
I used to think, when I started off giving a tithe, and started to give and tithe, I thought I
was doing a big deal. It was a huge deal, because I was under a spirit of bondage.
After I gave for a while, I realised: actually, this is no big deal at all. I can't out-give God.
How can I possibly show Him that I really honour Him, and love Him, and value Him?