Put God First HTML version

If I had enough, if I had more money, I'd be independent - I'd be able to really do some
things then. I wouldn't have to go to that workplace. If I just won the lottery - man there's
all these things I could do if I won the lottery.
I don't want to read about all the stories of people who won it, and their lives become
ruined. I don't want to read that at all. I just want to think constantly: if I had a bit more,
I'd be really right.
So it always is talking, and it makes promises. It promises: you'll have freedom, financial
freedom. You'll have security - everything will be right.
Jesus talked about a man who had everything - all the money. He said: oh, now I'm
right! The guy said: well what are you going to do tonight, you're souls required of you?
Now what? Who are you going to leave it all to?
So money talks all the time, talks: “things are not enough” - it speaks to you, and
continually tries to dominate your thinking; and if you'll agree with what it's saying, you'll
end up following its leading.
Here's the other thing too, you'll notice, is that people are more valuable, if they've got
more money. So automatically we rank people: the one's who've got the wealth; and the
one's who've got no wealth.
The Bible says very clearly: when people come into the church - treat them all the
same. It doesn't matter if they're wealthy, wealthy people; or ordinary people - they're all
people, and they ought to be treated of same value.
But even in our society, people automatically think: the one who's got more, is more
valuable. To me, he's got more worries, and more problems you know; but people think:
he's more value.
So people think and believe that money has power; but money has power. Demons
have power; money doesn't have power. Money's just a piece of paper.
It's the demon, the spirit that controls the thing, that has the power; like God has power.
In Deuteronomy He says: “I give you power to get wealth”.
So God has power, demons have power. Money doesn't have power; but if you believe
it's got power, then you're going to seek it - and you'll find yourself in a conflict, because
it will seek your heart.It'll seek your loyalty; it'll seek your service; and you'll find as you
yield to it, then it starts to affect you.
People don't realise that as we give in to the voice of money (the voice of the Spirit of
Mammon), we can find ourselves loving Mammon and hating God. You say: how could
that be?