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Here's the third thing: Mammon is looking to take the place of God in your life. See? So
it's looking for slaves. It's looking to take God's place in your life. If it can succeed in
taking God's place in your heart, then you will find yourself serving Mammon, not God;
holding onto Mammon, not the Lord; despising the Lord when it comes to the area of
God's provision for your finances, or your prosperity.
So how does it operate? It operates by deception. Now you've got to remember this: a
spirit talks to you - so money talks to you.
I'm using this, and holding it up; because some will be thinking: what am I going to do
with it? I've already given one away - I wonder if he'll give the other one to me? That's
what goes on - don't tell me you're not thinking that. See, that's why I'm holding it up
wavering - because it'll talk to you. What will I do with it? See, and it's the thing you
Money talks. You know what it usually says? “There's not enough”. It says: “you can't do
that, because there's won't be enough for you”! So one of the things the Spirit of
Mammon does, when it talks to you - it reminds you that you „don't have enough’. Why?
Because it wants you tto know: „you need a bit more’.
But how much is „a bit more’? Probably, all your life, you'll need „a bit more’. End of the
week, every week for all my life, I've needed a bit more, it would seem.
So it talks: you need a bit more. You can't give. If you give, there won't be enough; so it
always talks, it's always saying to you: there's not enough.
Here's the second thing that Mammon says. It says this, often when you're in a shop:
“you need this”. You need this! I need this. I need that.
I think I looked on a Commodore car, owned by someone in our church, and 'I need this'
was on the back. I looked at it and I thought: I DO need this - this is a really nice car!
Very soon my mind was agreeing with what the spirit was saying: I need this. Lovely V8
with a hopped up motor: I did need it too, you know? No, not really. It's just a spirit that
talks. It talks all the time.
Here's another way it'll talk to you. This talks to Christians: if I had a bit more money,
then I'd really be able to give to poor people, and help them - if I had a bit more. So
when I've got a bit more, I'll really be able to do a lot to help people - when I've got a bit
Now remember that the whole thing behind greed is: you always need a bit more; so
that's what the spirit - so it talks. It promises you something; so it's talking to you - and
it's making promises. If you had enough, you'd be really free! If only I had enough, I'd be
free - I need a bit more. It's true, isn't it?