Pure Heart - Restoration of the Heart Through the Beatitudes


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Book Description

“Pure Heart: Restoration of the Heart through the Beatitudes” is a journey into the deep treasures of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Each chapter addresses one of the eight Beatitudes in a unique approach to inner healing. God longs for us to know Him, and He wants to heal the wounds in our hearts. You may find it difficult to receive love from God or from others because of past abuse or neglect, but desire to go deeper into the Lord’s heart. This book is for you. You will discover God’s abiding affections toward you and explore His promises over you. As you seek Him for healing, may He restore your heart to wholeness and fulfill the promises of blessing in your life.


I liked this book a lot. Its fresh perspective on one of Jesus' most important sermons challenged my thinking without being strident or judgmental. I had never before considered the beatitudes as a "prescription" for healing, but the book's authors explain clearly and convincingly how Jesus' words can restore any Christian's heart, renewing a right relationship with Him. I seldom read a book more than once, but I will be reading this one again--taking more time to read thoughtfully and prayerfully.Thank you, Tom and Donna Cole, for writing this book and for making it available at no cost.


everytime i feel depressed or something, i just read this and it really helps me... hope there's part 2...

Tom Cole

Hi! My name is Tom Cole, one of the authors of "Pure Heart - Restoration of the Heart through the Beatitudes". I'd love to hear feedback on the book from the readers here on Free eBooks. Tell me about your experience reading Pure Heart!


Tom and Donna Cole

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