Psycho vs Scientists HTML version

The Supernatural Man
Author: Manoj S Hosmath
Genre: Sci-Fi | Supernatural | Crime
Warning: No one is supposed to steal this story and re-
publish in your name.
The story is all about a person having Psychic powers which he used
for the good but turned into evil when people started neglecting him when he was
in need. This story also uses some poetic devices.
Back into the decades, there lived a couple of Farmers. This couple
gave birth to a baby who was named Sid later. All the three lived in a small hut in a
village. They lived happily with what they earned and satisfied almost every need
of the baby Sid. But a few months after Sid was born, the father had died because
of severe blood cancer.
One eve, Sid’s mother saw the shadow of the sauce pan moving up
and down. She also noticed her child hadn’t been to sleep yet. She was also noticed
his eyes moving up and down. She was scared of seeing it. When she called Sid, he
immediately responded to stimuli of his mother’s voice. At the same time sauce
pan fell onto the ground. She then came to know that it was Sid who was making it
to jump.