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8. Don't eat or drink anything new before a race. Stick to what works, your body gets used to
what you put into it.
9. A headwind always slows you down more than a tailwind speeds you up. You will run
slower on windy days, it's just a fact you need to deal with.
10. For about 3 days before a race carbo load. Turbo charge your system for races longer
than 2 hours.
11. Runners improve for about seven years. You can expect to improve on your performance
for about 7 years after you start running.
12. Running uphill slows you down more than running downhill speeds you up. Fact.
13. Be able to talk sentences while running. If you can hold a conversation while running,
you are the right pace.
14. Runners who only run are prone to injury. Cross training is a must.
15. Sleep half a minute per night for each kilometer per week that you train.
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