Prospecting and the Sales Pitch HTML version

ended (questions that need more than yes or no answers) and should be worded so that the
customer is inclined to agree with you. Along with the list of questions, you should include
a couple of phrases to close the sale. The script should have a boiler plate introduction, but
should also contain an assortment of questions and closes so that you can use it as a
resource for a variety of conversations.
A simple script will have an introduction, followed by the reason for your call. After
stating the reason for your call, you may ask a question that will get the customer to agree
with you. You may start with general questions and gradually lead into questions that are
personal to your prospect. An example would be to ask the person, if he/she believes that
proper exercise and diet are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Followed by a couple of
questions regarding your prospects opinion of exercise and diet. Gradually, lead the
conversation into more specific questions about the person. Try to use questions that
cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Open-ended questions provide you with
valuable ammunition to determine the best way to sale the person on your services. Use the
information that they provide to determine the best way to close the sale.
After you have determined the best approach to close the prospect, ask them if they would
be interested in your services. Use the information that they provided while answering
your questions to justify their need for your services, and above all, ask them if they would
like to meet with you. The biggest shortcoming of most sales people is that they do not try
to close the sale; they never ask the prospect to buy, or meet with them. You will most
probably not be using the script by this point in the conversation, but you can refer back to
it for help in closing your sale.
There are some things that you must keep in mind when telemarketing. Most of your
conversations will be less than one minute, so prepare your script accordingly. Also, be
prepared for rejection and don’t give up. Selling yourself through telemarketing is entirely
a numbers game, and you will only succeed if you don’t give up and keep calling.
Prospecting for clients is a long hard process, but it is the most cost-effective way to
ensure your success as a personal trainer. In order to be successful, you must take a
proactive approach to marketing yourself. It is the only way to ensure your success.
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