Prospecting and the Sales Pitch HTML version

By obtaining your prospects business card, you have created a sales lead that you can
exploit in the future. Take some notes about your meeting and the date on the back of the
card, and put it in a card file with the rest of your sales leads. Within a couple of days, call
the prospect, remind him/her of your previous meeting, and once again solicit your
With regard to the business cards, it is most effective to file them by date, and make follow
up phone calls to your prospects on a monthly basis. The goals and desires of people
change, and many times, what you think is a dead lead will turn into a sale.
Possibly the most effective way to obtain sales leads and secure clients is from referrals
form your existing client base. Make it a point during every consultation to ask your client
if they know of anyone who would be interested in your services. An easy way to obtain
customer referrals is provide your client with a form that he/she can fill out. This way, it
does not appear that you are trying to push yourself onto their friends and acquaintances.
The Trainers’ Marketing Association sales pre-formatted referral forms with sections that
allow you to create incentives for your customers to complete the form and return it to you.
Once again, everyone knows somebody who wants to lose weight, or get into shape. Make
it easy for your client to tell you who he thinks would benefit form your services.
Most of the time, the people that you meet and prospect through the face to face process
will not be initially receptive to your services. However, many will consider your services
at a later time, and could potentially become customers with the proper encouragement.
This is the reason that Telemarketing is so important, and so effective. Every time you
meet a prospect, make sure that you get some form of contact information from them so
that you can call them at a later date.
As you build your contact list, begin filing your prospects information by contact date.
Obtain a card file that you can section off by months or weeks, and file your prospects
information on cards by the last date contacted. Set aside some time every week to
prospect by telephone, and begin calling your sales leads. After you contact a lead, takes
notes about the conversation on the card in the file, and move it into the current date
section. One of the most important parts of this process, and one of the most easily
overlooked, is to never throw a sales lead away. Keep it in the card file, and contact the
lead every six months, just to make sure nothing has changed. You spent a lot of energy
trying to get the lead in the first place, don’t just give up on it because the prospect said no
The Telemarketing Process
It sounds easy, but telemarketing is the most difficult sales process there is. In order to
make it more pleasant and effective, you must make some preparations before you pick up
the phone. Arguably, the most important part of the telemarketing process is the script.
You may feel that you can sale your services better by being spontaneous, but always have
a script that you can rely on to start or lead the conversation and create a sale. The script
should include a brief introduction followed by the reason for your call. If you met the
person before, or were referred by an acquaintance, it may be appropriate to mention this
while introducing yourself.
The script should be simple, and contain an introduction, the reason for your call, and a
number of questions that you can ask the prospect. The questions should be primarily open