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Prospecting & The Sales Pitch
The process of locating and securing clients is usually long and tiresome. Many times it
can feel like a futile effort, however, diligence can result in substantial rewards. Every
successful trainer started out with only their knowledge about fitness, and their drive to
succeed. In order to expedite your success, it is helpful to determine what resources you
have available to help you secure customers, and the best process for getting your
customers attention. It is then a matter of selling your services and convincing the client
that they need your help.
The Prospecting Process
Prospecting for customers encompasses a broad spectrum of marketing processes.
Prospecting can be anything from direct marketing, and face to face sales to radio and TV
advertising. For many trainers, mass marketing is prohibitively expensive. For this reason,
we will focus on the most cost efficient methods for obtaining customers. These are face to
face sales, referral sales, and telemarketing.
Face To Face
By far, the most cost-effective way to secure clients is by talking directly with your
potential clients. As you well know, everyone needs to exercise, and a large percentage of
the population is currently dieting, or has the desire to lose weight. Use this knowledge to
your advantage, and make it a point to talk to people. Always carry you business cards
with you, and never pass up the opportunity to speak to a person that you feel may need
your help. For most people, it is extremely difficult to start a conversation with a total
stranger, but you will find that the bulk of the people you speak to are quite pleasant.
When prospecting in public places, never approach the person by directly soliciting your
services. Merely start the conversation by commenting on something that both of you may
have in common; the weather seems to be the most common icebreaker. After you have
established a rapport with your prospect, ask what the person does for a living, and find out
if he/she is into fitness or wants to change his/her body. Ask questions and let your
prospect do much of the talking. People usually enjoy talking about themselves, and feel
more at ease when given the opportunity to share their interests. EXCHANGE BUSINESS
CARDS and ask if the person would be interested in a fitness consultation. If he or she
responds positively, schedule a time when you can sit down with the person and go over
their fitness goals. It is imperative that you exchange business cards. Your business card is
probably the most effective marketing tool that you have. It is the one marketing resource
that your prospect can take with him/her and be reminded of your services. Most of the
time, your potential client won’t be immediately interested in your services. However,
he/she may have second thoughts and want your services in the future. It is then that your
business card becomes invaluable.