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GRACE:  This law works for those who truly believe and willingly put it into operation in their life.  If you simply love yourself and love all those in the human form as you love God, then grace will return that love you send forth back unto you in this lifetime.


HEALING: All that is needed for this law is to think positively on forgiving yourself, and forgiving all others who have done you harm spiritually, mentally, emotionally and/or  physically.  You must be completely honest in your forgiveness in order for it to have the desired effect.  Health is a combination of mind, body and soul.  When disease comes, you must treat the whole person, not just the symptom, or you will keep experiencing the same disease.  Look past the symptom for the root cause and heal the total being.


KARMA:  This is NOT one of Gods laws as many may believe, and it does not operate as stated.  Karma is a term which implies cause and effect.  It is simply a philosophical term implying; do good and good will come to you, or do evil and evil will come to you in this incarnation or in your next reincarnation.  Souls in the human form create ‘cause’ through their own thoughts, which are ‘positive or negative’ which then set in motion the ‘effect’ the soul desires to use as a tool to learn and experience a chosen lesson.










































     In this section it will be explained how to bring healing energy to yourself, and also how you can deliver healing energy to others, such as family members and friends.

     There are some things to know before the different healing techniques are explained.  No one can receive healing until their soul itself is prepared to accept the healing energy.  It matters not how strong the healing energy is or who is delivering the healing energy, nothing will be healed until that person’s soul is willing to accept it. 

     The reason some souls refuse to allow the body they inhabit to be healed may be due to a karmic lesson the soul is learning or experiencing at the time.  For example, if the soul chose to experience a specific disease, such as cancer, then it will refuse to allow healing to take place in the body until the lesson has been learned or experienced for the soul’s spiritual growth.

     The following information will provide the basic knowledge needed to instruct you on how to do ‘self healing’ and how to do ’hands-on-healing.’  Please note, when the word ‘spirit’ is used, it does in no way imply a connection to any organized religion.  You can be an enlightened spiritual person and have no affiliation with any religious group.





     Everyone has a soul companion or what some term a guardian angel from the world of spirit that is assigned to them during their lifetime on Earth.  Your angel will not intervene in your chosen life unless you ask for help or some specific type of assistance.  Otherwise, your angel will simply observe your life without you even being aware of it.

     Now, if you pray or mentally call upon your angel for help, then your soul companion will intervene in your life to help you.  For example, if you catch the flu and you ask for help, then your angel will bring forth healing energy to help you recover from the illness.  If you catch the flu and don’t ask for help, your soul companion will simply allow you to be as sick as you desire.  You have free will and your angel cannot assist you unless you ask.  You have the right to be as sick as you wish.

     Begin self healing by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position if possible.  This will help relax your body and mind.  If it is possible, also limit the light and noise that surround you at this time.  Now mentally call to your angel.  For example say, “This is (your name) and I am calling for my angel to please come forth and place a shield of love, strength and protection around me straight from God.  I need healing energy to help me with (state what the disease, injury, or problem is with your physical body).  Thank you or Amen (if you wish to ask it as a prayer).

     At this time, if you can reach the afflicted area, place the area or limb between your hands, or simply lay the palm side of your hands on or near the problem site.  If you are unable to reach the area, simply rest your hands in your lap (sitting) or place them by your sides (lying down).  Now after calling your angel, close your eyes and visualize the affected region or injury site becoming filed with a bright healing light.  See the area becoming healthy and whole again.  Visualize the disease being consumed by the healing light.  Feel your body being energized and restored to good health again.

     You may repeat this process as often as you require it.  Keep asking for healing energy from your soul companion for as long as you feel the need.  Don’t give up too soon, the physical body takes time to respond and restore itself with the new energy coming to it.  Just remember, some illnesses you have placed in your path to learn a specific lesson, so once the lesson has been experienced, the healing energy will then connect and provide the help you seek.





     This technique is used for bringing healing to family and friends who are open to energy healing.  As mentioned before, not all healing concerns a person’s health.  Illness and disease can be brought on for many reasons; such as a learning experience chosen by the person who needs an illness to teach them about deeper unconditional love.  So providing them with healing energy may have no effect until the lesson has been understood.


     Healing energy of this type comes from the world of spirit, where your soul companion can draw upon the needed energy there that comes straight from Gods energy.  Your angel can then use your body to deliver the healing energy through you to bridge the gap between this world and the other world.  Your angel can deliver the healing energy without your assistance; it just makes it easier if they use you as the delivery system for the person you are trying to help.

     When you ask your soul companion in the other world to bring hands-on-healing, you are giving your permission to use your body for this healing.  Do not send your energy to the person you are helping, let that healing energy come only from your angel or you may take back into your body some of the sickness from the person you are in physical contact with.



     Follow this basic procedure in hands-on-healing before you start:

Once you have gotten the persons permission to give them healing, relax yourself by taking three deep breath’s.  Before touching the person, close your eyes and mentally call for your angel or soul companion and ask that they place a shield of protection around you straight from God.  This shield will keep any negative energy from coming back to you during the energy transfer.

     Some people may not feel comfortable with you touching them, and that is alright.  You yourself may be concerned about having to touch the person, then simply don’t.  You can still deliver the healing energy without making physical contact.

     For example, if your friend comes to you with a migraine headache and you both agree to the giving and receiving of healing energy, you can have your friend sit upright in a chair so that you can stand behind them.  If your friend doesn’t mind being touched, then place the palm of your right hand on the right side of their head near their ear, and do the same with your left hand.  If they don’t want to be touched, then simply hold your hands in the same positions, but move them out about an inch or two from their head.  Between your hands is where the energy field will be.  As your angel sends the healing energy through your body, down your arms to your hands, the energy will pass between your right and left hand into their head.  So you do not have to touch the person to send the energy into them.

     While you are allowing the healing energy to pass through you into your friend or family member, visualize that person in your mind smiling and in a state of good health.  Visualization aids in helping with the healing energy your angel is sending through you. 

     Most energy transfers last only between five and ten minutes, so once you feel nothing else is coming through you, simply stop.  Mentally thank your soul companion for the healing and you are finished for now.  You and your friend can decide how often you wish to repeat the hands-on-healing depending on the injury or illness.










































     Take heed when your body gives you subtle warnings of impending illness and the like.  Neglecting your health early on can lead to traumatic events later in life.  The combined effects of your own actions, thoughts and negative energy can bring on disease that was not of your choosing to experience.  Simply to say your free will in neglecting your health can bring on disease and injury to your body.  Your health is in your hands, and no pill will correct the problem you have created through neglect.  Change must come from your soul to have a lasting and total rebalancing effect for your physical health concerns.  Pills simply mask the true underlying problem that needs your attention.

     The following are just a few subjects that may provide some understanding to those persons who have experienced, or may now be experiencing these events.  The listed items have an impact on a person’s health in one or more of the following ways; physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually.



ABORTION:  This is not for mankind to understand completely.  It is a lesson for many to learn in order to understand this great choice.  There should be acceptance of this practice, though the goal should be to overcome the fear, worry, and selfishness associated with it by those who are wishing to carry it out.  God understands when and why some women choose abortion.  Through free will God allows them to exercise their decision as it pertains to their soul path.  God will not judge you for your decision, only you judge your life for the decisions you make based on the lessons you chose to learn and experience.  Those who are ‘pro-choice’ and those who are ‘pro-life’ are both correct in their decisions they make concerning abortion.  It is a learning experience no matter which path you choose.



ADDICTION:  There are many reasons and many forms of addiction, but there are many who do not seek to remedy the underlying cause, but simply seek only to address the outward expression of the addiction.  For many, to identify the true cause may be simply to ask yourself what it is you are trying to avoid or escape from in your life.  Once you realize the true cause and stop the addicting behavior, you must make a positive change to remedy the original cause, or you will open yourself to new addictions.  Addiction is simply a signal to a person to let them know there is an area of their life, be it concerning health or an energy imbalance, that a problem exists and that they need to take action to correct the imbalance.  A person can trace back to the source of their problem, on their own, and even without assistance, to develop a plan to eliminate the addiction as they come to understand the true reason for their addiction.



ANGER:  Those who need to express anger should do so in a positive manner.  It is not necessary to contribute to the anger of another person or group, no matter what they seem to be upset about.  Allow your anger to be released in a positive manner such as doing physically taxing work or movement that will express this pent up energy without it building into something negative or destructive.



CANCER:  Fear plays a major role in this disease, and fear is simply the absence of unconditional love.  Treatment for any of the many cancers that affect the body depends on the reason you have allowed it to manifest in your life.  For example, things that weaken the immune system of a person’s body; not getting enough sleep, a poor diet and lack of exercise, excessive smoking, too much stress, excessive drinking, harmful drugs, excessive negative thinking and/or a combination thereof can bring on cancer or some other life threatening disease.  Cancer can be something a soul programmed into their human life to force them to confront the lesson of unconditional love as a means to further their spiritual growth, and/or the growth of those close to them.  Cancer is just one of the many diseases souls chose to pull them out of the complacency we follow in life.  Sitting in front of the cable TV or computer screen all day does nothing to help us with the true lessons we came here to experience.  So caner and other diseases refocus us on the true path we wanted to experience, that of advancing our soul through the lessons of love.  Healing a major disease depends on ‘why’ we created the disease in the first place.



COLD and FLU:  Diet is the biggest factor for preventing and stopping ailments of this type.  There are no quick fixes when dealing with a physical body.  People turn to pills and similar medicines because they think they are a quick fix, but this is misleading.  Pills only mask the problem and give the false impression that the person has properly healed.  The body is telling the person that it is tired and fatigued and needs simple rest to restore its immune system.  Masking the problem with pills and medications while you continue to work on simply opens your weakened system to major disease later in life.  Changing your diet can have a tremendous impact on your physical well being; add more ‘raw’ fruits and vegetables and less heavy meats to improve your immune system.



CRIB DEATH:  For those who have encountered ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome’ or what is more commonly called ‘Crib Death,’ here is the major explanation for this occurrence.  Once the mother has given birth, from that point up until the approximate age of two, the new soul that has incarnated into this world through the baby’s body has a decision to make.  It can choose with its free will to stay and work on the lessons it chose to experience or it can back out of that planned life and simply leave and return to the world of spirit.  If it chooses to vacate the body, the baby’s shell simply dies.  With no soul inside the body, it stops functioning and shuts down.  So if there is no medical reason found for an infant’s death, the soul itself left for reasons only known to it.  Doctor’s then unable to find a medical cause term it to be a ‘Crib Death.’  The soul leaves the tiny body not to punish the parents (even though it may be a spiritual lesson for the parents) but for its own personal reasons seeking the best life to help it advance spiritually.



DEPRESSION:  Depression, like stress, is caused by the physical mind attempting to rid their soul of feelings which do not agree with their physical or energy body.  When the mind engages in repeated negative thoughts and/or actions the only way the body knows how to cope is to bring on depression and/or anxiety trying to protect itself.  These thoughts or actions go against the soul’s true and higher self.  To move from depression, one must change their negative thoughts and/or move out of the negative behavioral pattern they have moved into, or been caught up in.  Whoever caused you harm or mental anguish, you can simply move from it by taking positive action to move from it or away from those who push you in a negative direction.  No pill will bring this change; there must be a physical, mental, emotional and/or change in their beliefs by the person in order to move out of the depression and/or stress they are experiencing.  If you are depressed by past actions, then learn from them and move beyond them.  Many will not change and just medicate themselves with pills and therapy, yet they remain feeling unhealthy and unbalanced because society labels them clinically depressed. True change must come from within the person, you must make the change.  No therapist, doctor, friends or family can do it for you. 



DIET:  When it comes to nourishing the human body, be sure to consume things that are natural, non-synthetic, and were created for the healthful operation of the physical form.  Be sure you understand there is much on food labels that are masked and concealed so that a consumer may not at first glance know what it truly contains.  You need to look very close to see what you are ingesting into your body.  Some things considered healthy by society will not always turn out to be so.  Many processing techniques now used in the food industry remove the needed nutriments the body needs for optimal health, by modifying food items in negative ways that were never intended for human consumption, solely for monetary gain.  Many additives and chemicals are added to processed foods which now cause long term health problems for those who consume such items.  Read carefully what is listed on food and drink labels before you allow those unneeded items to cause a negative impact to your health.



FLOATERS (in the eyes):  This is not something in the eye but something on the exterior.  The fluid which lubricates the eye and reduces friction between the lid and the eyeball can become thick and muddled with debris.  This debris or what is commonly called floaters in the eyes are caused by small sections of nerve and eye matter separating from the eye or nerves.  This is caused by corrosive diets, such as too much unnatural sugar in the diet. This can cause the fluid in the eyes to be acidic to where eye matter is eaten away by the acid and then small swirls and fragments seem to float into the fluid obstructing vision.  This area of the eye can be cleansed with pure saline wash; no extra or outside chemicals should be added.  This area can be flushed and cleansed naturally by consuming more pure water.  Pure water is the great equalizer and helps regulate the entire body, not just your eyes.  Healing energy can be directed to this area through prayer and affirmations to dissolve or reassign the ‘floating’ matter to its rightful place.  Direct healing energy can dissolve these but is hampered if you do not change your diet to one less acidic.



MIND:  The subconscious is the area of the mind that causes the mental conditions people develop in life.  The conscious mind never causes mental or emotional trauma or problems in a person’s life.  Some people allow their subconscious mind to become too strong and allow it to take control away from their conscious mind.  The person then has opened the doorway for mental and emotional conditions to manifest from within their own mind.  Use your mind to its fullest potential, think deeper as you seek out those lessons you have come to learn and experience.  Do not allow yourself to become complacent and idle in your thinking and the living of your life.



OBSIDIAN STONE:  This is a stone used for healing and protection.  This will work to help balance and eliminate negativity and help keep the energy in the area on a much more even scale, rather than constantly shifting from extremes.  Though it should be mentioned, there is only so much that these stones or any other intervention can do if the same actions are being continued.



SUICIDE:  This is no different an exit from this world, then is any other manner of death.  God does not view it as a sin, for there is no such thing as sin.  Religions created sin as a form of control they could use on the people.  Suicide is a physical action manifested from the negative thoughts and stress that persist on a persons mind.  These can be overcome while in the physical body, yet if one cannot and commits suicide, there are those in the world of spirit waiting for them as they cross over.  They meet with the distressed soul to provide counseling to help that soul understand the torment it was experiencing when it ended its human life.  Usually suicide is committed by young souls who have only incarnated a few times and have not yet made the adjustment to the physical world of Earth.  They must overcome suicide in order to continue learning in the human form.  Self inflicted death only returns you home, but know that you will incarnate again into a human form and face the same conditions as before, so that you can progress past suicide and allow yourself to grow spiritually.


















     Before you incarnate into a human form, you go through a process while you are still in the world of spirit.  There are higher evolved souls who help you plan out the lessons you wish to experience in the human form to aid your spiritual growth. 

     Part of this process also includes choosing those soul companions who will help guide you once you incarnate to earth.  These beings will make sure the lessons you chose are placed in your life path, whether you pass or fail the lessons is up to you.  Should you fail to understand a lesson, your soul companions will attempt to bring about a similar experience so that you can still have more opportunities to learn the lesson.  You are not judged; you are simply working to advance your spiritual awareness.  What lessons you do not learn or understand during this life will simply be placed in your next incarnation.

     Those souls who agreed to assist you make up a basic core group of three or more individuals.  For a better understanding a brief definition of each member and their main function will be given as it pertains to your life in the human form.  Each member shall be called by a name that will give you a better understanding of their function and level of advancement; this is just to help you understand the system of hierarchy.


  1. The ‘Master Teacher’ is the top member of your core group.  That entity from the point of spiritual awareness is the highest evolved energy soul in your life.  His main function is to observe and watch over the others who are assisting you in this lifetime.  If he sees that something is amiss, he makes any necessary corrections that are needed pertaining to them and/or your human incarnation.  When your life becomes concerned with death, he has the final say as to whether your soul may leave the physical body it occupies, or if your soul will remain in the body.  Depending on what you chose and what you did with your free will, he will decide at what point you can leave the earth to return home.  If you have progressed as far as possible, then he will alert the others and instruct them to bring you home.  If he feels you still have lessons that you can still accomplish, then your soul will not be allowed to leave the human form.  For example, say you were in a very serious vehicle accident and you sustained much damage to your physical body.  Say this was not something you chose to experience, but the free will of another human caused this to happen.  There is so much damage that you are at death’s door.  Your Master Teacher now will look at what lessons you still wanted to learn and/or experience.  He will discuss this with the others in your group and consult with your soul to see if you think you can continue on in a damaged body or not.  Say you try to convince him that you can still achieve your goals even in a damaged body.  He will decide if your core group will intervene with healing energy to keep your physical form alive so you can recover or decide if your physical body is too damaged to complete your lessons and have them remove your soul and let the body expire.  The ultimate decision on your life is up to your Master Teacher.


  1. The main entity that oversees your life, sometimes on a daily basis, is the one most people call their ‘Guardian Angel’ or simply their ‘Angel.’  This soul is not a true angel, but doesn’t mind being called an angel for our limited understanding.  The title for this soul in the world of spirit would be that of ‘Doctor’ in front of their name.  Doctor in this case would not imply a medical doctor, but would be a soul, who has earned, for our understanding, their PhD in a certain educational discipline, such as ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ for example.  This advanced soul companion then who has agreed to assist you with the life you are now living will respond to you when you pray or ask for healing or seek guidance in your life.  They take on the role of what we would call a ‘Guardian Angel.’  They have the power and ability to intervene in your physical life.  Your Angel’s main function is to help you learn and experience the lessons you chose for your spiritual advancement.  Your Guardian Angel then is observed and watched over by your Master Teacher.  There is what you would term ‘True Angels’ that do exist as a different type of soul grouping.  These true angels are very highly advanced beings that do not normally interact with people on an individual basis.  They are so powerful and spiritually evolved, that they concentrate on issues dealing with the many differing phases of consciousness, which impact the multitude of planetary systems throughout the different universes.


  1. There are other soul companions who agree to assist you and your guardian angel during your life in the human form.  They are usually friends you have in the world of spirit or they may be those souls who are studying those who incarnate into a human form and have agreed to work with you.  Their basic function is to assist your guardian angel with helping you achieve yours goals.  Your angel will then instruct and watch over them as they perform certain tasks he has assigned them.  Many times, your guardian angel has other things he must attend to in his life and so one of your soul companions will stay in tune to your vibration should you call out for help or assistance of some type.  If something dyer should happen they are in a position to alert your guardian angel immediately who would then come and take charge of the situation. 



     The average person has this basic core group who is watching over them while they are in the human form.  Just know there are those persons in the human form who do not believe in Angels, or believe in God, or the like.  They still have the core group, but it is their free will not to believe or have any interaction with those in their group.  In such cases, their guardian angel simply observes their life and works on placing their chosen lessons in their path for them to learn and experience.  He does not intervene in their life unless it concerns their death, and then he alerts their master teacher who will make the final decision on their human life.  For some, living in a human form and experiencing a lifetime as an Atheist can help their soul understand God better once they cross over and return to the world of spirit.  Never judge another for what they believe, for each soul learns to progress spiritually in their own way, following their own path.


     Now there are other soul companions who work with souls in the human form.  Those in the human form who decide they want to develop the ability to channel information between the earth world and the spirit world will then draw to them more soul companions.  Those persons who wish this type of development are commonly called Psychics or Mediums.  Here is a basic list of the other soul companions who work with those wishing to develop their psychic or mediumship abilities through soul meditation.


  1. Like the guardian angel, there is another soul who would also have the title of ‘Doctor’ and would be called the ‘Chemist.’  His main responsibility is for manipulating the chemical reactions necessary in your human body to produce the mental and/or physical phenomena you are trying to develop.
  2. The next one is known as a gatekeeper or messenger guide.  Once you have developed some type of ability, such as clairvoyance and/or clairaudience, they decide if other souls, beside your core group, will be allowed to use you as a channel for communication between the two worlds.  They will not allow other lesser souls to cause harm or misuse you in any way.  Lower, less developed souls are never allowed near you while communication is taking place.  This guide would also perform other duties assigned by your guardian angel as needed.
  3. To build the necessary power and energy needed for your ability(s) there is another soul or two who would join your group.  These souls usually come in the form of a Native American Indians.  While on earth, Native Americans were highly spiritual humans who mastered the natural and spiritual laws and now assist those who work on communication between the two worlds.  They also help with energy needed for healing and producing physical phenomena. 
  4. There are some others who might also join your core group to assist, such as one who would be termed a health guide.  Her main function would be to advise on nutrition and exercise that would be needed for your physical body.  There are also groups in the world of spirit who send one of their members to assist you.  For example, one such group is called the ‘White Sisterhood.’  They are like- minded souls who have joined together to produce harmony throughout the universe.


















Section Twelve:  SOUL MEDITATION



     As you open yourself to soul meditation you open a pathway between this physical world and the world of spirit.  You then allow those in the other world to connect and communicate directly with you in this world.  This type of meditation is only for those who wish to develop some sort of psychic or mediumistic ability.  Should you decide in earnest to start soul meditation, as mentioned in the previous chapter your core group will grow in number as other souls will come to assist you.  If that is what you are seeking, then the following will give you the basic foundation needed to begin such a life altering journey.


  1. Choose a room in your home or apartment that will provide a quiet place to meditate.  At first you may wish to meditate in total darkness or with very dim lighting to help quiet your mind of external stimuli.  Soft meditative music can also help you calm and relax your body and mind, simply concentrate on the music.  You may also do some deep breathing.  Simply breathe in and hold for a few seconds and then breathe out and hold for a few seconds.  Do this three to seven times to de-stress yourself.  As you develop more mental control start raising the level of light in the room.
  2. Now start with a basic straight backed chair and position it in the center of the room or where it feels peaceful to you.  (Later on you may sit in a more comfortable chair or even lay flat on a bed, as long as you remain awake).  When sitting in your straight backed chair, place your feet flat on the floor, legs uncrossed.  Rest the palms of your hands on the tops of your thighs, arms uncrossed.  This basic posture helps with the energy flow created by your core group.  Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes or you may if you so desire meditate in the nude.
  3. Begin your meditation with a true prayer or just a simple statement of your intent.  Speak this out loud using your normal tone of voice.  For example say, ‘Dear God, please bring forth the positive energy I will need for this development meditation.  Let your love and white light surround and protect me.  Thank you so much.  Amen.”  Now you are ready to call out loud your core group members to come and assist you with your development.  For example say, “This is (your name) and I’m calling for my guardian angel and my soul companions to come and join me for my development at this time.  Thank you.” 
  4. Now close your eyes clear your mind and relax.  Start by meditating for 15 to 30 minutes.  You may decide to meditate only one day a week, or three times a week or every day of the week.  You can slowly increase your time to 1 hour if you desire.  Just don’t overwhelm yourself.  Do what feels comfortable for you.  Just know, for your core group to work with you on your development you must be punctual on the starting time of your meditative session.  For example, if you decide to meditate on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at nine o’clock in the morning.  Then make sure you are ready to begin each of those days at nine o’clock am.  Otherwise if you chose random times not all of your core group members will come to work on your meditative development.  So be punctual on the day(s) and time you decide on.
  5. When you have finished your meditation say a closing prayer of thanks, or simply thank your guardian angel and your core group for working with you.



     Here are a few things you may or may not experience as you move into your soul meditation.  You may have stomach aches for a short time due to the chemicals they are adding to your physical body.  You may at times experience short term memory loss.  You may have the sensation of spinning, or floating upward.  You may see in your mind different colors that appear as waves flowing through you.  You may feel as though someone is pricking you with a tiny needle near or around your head area.  You may start to see images in your minds eye, if so, mentally tell your guardian angel what you are seeing.  For example, if you see a face or object, let him know if it is in color or black and white, and describe what you saw.  They may have shown you a red triangle, but you only saw it in black and white.  If you hear words or entire sentences spoken in your mind, tell your guardian mentally what you heard, this helps them to make adjustments in what they are trying to send to you.


     Jesus of Nazareth once said, “He who believes in the works I do, will do even greater works.”  Those works he spoke of dealt with healing, levitation, soul communication and the like.




























     There is a need to create peace and end suffering for one’s self, your community, and the world.  Bringing peace to your own being may seem impossible, and so might that of bringing peace to others.  Yet know that bringing peace to others is what fosters peace in your life.


Simply Consider The Following:

     For yourself, focus on what matters to you, but only the things that you can carry from this life to the next, no matter where you believe you may or may not go.

     There is no need to worry about gathering money and possessions, for they are not taken from this world when you make your exit.

     There are those in this world who have far less then you, their basic needs are not met.  They need food and shelter.  Share with them.  Not only through money, but by direct action; help your neighbor!

     Take time for daily reflection, meditation or prayer (what you call it is not important for it is all the same action, and it creates the same outcome) for understanding yourself and for creating peace.  Just five minutes a day and that peace you create will spread throughout the world.

     There is no reason to force our beliefs onto another person or group.  Peace and Love is experienced when each person understands that there may be differences visible to the eye, but that we all are the same.  We are all Souls, energy beings having a life on this earth.  We all have fears, hopes, and wants; there is no reason for fighting and segregating when we are all truly the same, only born from a different position and time on this earth.

     We need to let others share their beliefs and world views with us.  Not forcing others to believe a certain idea or restricting another’s actions, beliefs, or movements.  Outlawing, banning, or belittling the mind or thoughts of another only further alienates us from that group or person.  Making it more difficult in the future to make amends and create peace.

     In worldly affairs we should respond with medical help and food, not guns and violence.  Access to food, shelter, and education will eliminate many wars, and the suffering experienced by many throughout the world.  We can each see that we do this as well as our elected officials.  We should work for peace; we should be a peacekeeping force.     Start here, start by having patience, start by helping the less fortunate, start by helping those who need basic necessities of life.  Focus on your mind, your beliefs, your virtues, for these things matter the most.  Open your mind to your potential, the potential for peace, the possibility for love.  Look at the world around you and see how much of those already exist.

     Ride a bike, walk, hike, camp; not too simply to save money, or to cut down on pollution, but to experience the complex beauty that nature has provided for you.

     God has allowed you this lifetime, no matter what your circumstances; you can create peace and healing not only for yourself and family, but for your neighbor’s and community as well.  Let us all together spread harmony and love throughout the world.



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