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Project Merge
I always stared at the sky above and thought, do I exist as an
intelligent individualistic human being or am I just born in this life
time to accomplish one important task and that’s it?
I don’t remember my childhood. I don’t think it has ever existed in
my mi nd. I kept wondering how it was by some photos in a small
metal box that portrayed me as a child. Where did these photo
papers come from? Where di d this box come from that I kept
hiding underneath my bed cushion? I only took them out on days
like today to remember something. Anything. I don’t remember
my parents or if I had any one to call mom and dad. I don’t have
brothers or sisters nor any living relative.
I don’t remember I was ever taught to write on a piece of paper.
We learned to tap on a screen and letters and numbers appeared.
We learned to recognize these letters, words, sentences,
paragraphs and stories. Everything was just a screen that did all
the work for us. We only learned how to decipher what was
written and speak in a language that is recognizable by machines.
We live in a small world where machines are our only tool of
survival. Our species, or what is left of it, was trained by our
leaders to protect those machines. Also, we are trained mentally
and physically to prepare for an upcomi ng inevitable war. Yet, who
is out there that we need this high level of constant security?
What are we waiting for? Aliens? Decades ago, it was proven that
aliens don’t exist and we are in this universe all alone. Alone in our
being and thoughts.