Project G.H.O.S.T HTML version

Elliot moved back until he was against the wall while his heart was beating. The door
stopped shaking and the voice got quiet. He took deep breaths to calm himself down.
Then he grabbed his phone and dialed the police.
The operator answered. “Hello, this is the police. What’s your emergency?”
Elliot panicked. “There’s an alien in my apartment and it’s trying to kill me!”
“I don’t understand what you’re saying, sir,” the operator spoke.
He screamed louder, “There’s a creature from outer space-”
The door was shattered open as the body of his mother smiled at him. Large
tentacles grew out of her back as she walked in his room. “There you are, Elliot…” she
smiled like a maniac. Elliot couldn’t speak to the operator as he shivered in fear. “As
punishment, you won’t have your phone for a while.” The mother took his phone from
his hand. “Goodbye,” she said to the operator and crushed his phone. The creature picked
Elliot up by his shirt collar and growled. “Why didn’t you listen to me? You don’t love
your mother anymore?”
Elliot tried to pull away from her hands but she was too strong. “L-Let me go…”
he struggled to speak.
“I cannot do that,” she told him. “The Queen won’t allow any humans to live.”
She held him up higher as the tentacles wrapped around his limbs and began to pull him
apart. The mother smiled. “One of our kinds will take care of your body. Goodbye,
Suddenly, a figure flew through the window and smashed against the alien as the
kid was dropped to the floor. The figure grabbed Elliot and pulled him out the room as
the creature rolled around in pain. “Elliot, get away from here now!” Maya shouted.
Elliot couldn’t comprehended fast enough as he stared at his aunt who looks
slightly different than a few hours ago. “Maya, what’s going on?” he asked.
Maya glared at him. “What does it look like? We are having a damn tea party
with a nice alien! Now run-” The creature leaped on top of Maya and pinned her to the
floor. “Get off you ugly freak!” Maya shouted and kicked the alien off and flew across
the room.
The alien hissed. “A G.H.O.S.T. soldier! How dare you interrupt me? Die you
pathetic human!” Then the alien ran towards Maya.
Maya raised up her fist and punched the alien in the face wit h an incredible force
that caused a few teeth fly out. She pulled out her gun while the alien struggled to get up.
“Heh. Who’s pathetic now?” Maya pointed her gun at it.
It growled as one of its tentacles knocked the weapon out of her hand in an instant
and jumped on top of her again. This time all the tentacles held Maya down as the alien’s
hands grabbed onto her throat. The gun fell near Elliot as he was frozen with fear. “You
are the very pathetic one!” the alien yelled in her face.
Maya shouted to Elliot. “Get the gun and shoot her, Elliot!” The kid snapped back
into reality and stared at the gun by him. “Shoot her now!”
He grabbed the gun but his hands were shaking too much to aim at the alien. “I-I
can’t!” Elliot whined. “I’m too scared!”
“Damn it, Mouse!” Maya yelled. “Be a man and shoot it!” Elliot backed away
slowly in fear. “You little shit!” Then she struggled to free one of her arms out of the
tentacles and punched the alien again. The alien snatched her arm and twisted it until a
loud crack from her bones was heard. Maya screamed Bloody Mary as the alien