Project G.H.O.S.T HTML version

Maya pulled out her phone. “Because I have my reasons. You can always return
back and watch over him, Andy. But now I must contact the boss.” Then she turned to the
woman. “Bina, you’re on look out.” The woman nodded and moves towards the ledge of
the building and began to hum a tune. Andy sat on the ground as Maya dialed a number.
A man picked up at the first ring. “What’s your status, Miss Maya?”
“You’re right. There was one in this area, Dr. Malcom,” Maya replied. “A very
ugly one, too. However, this one is very strange.”
“How so?” Dr. Malcom asked.
Maya explained, “Since these extraterrestrials can take the image of humans, they
were easy to find. But this particular one has altered the memories of my sister and those
around her.”
“A memory alternation? How can you be so sure that this is not a trick up their
sleeves?” Dr. Malcom’s voice became serious.
She sighed. “Because my sister hates ghosts and she will never want to see one…
Even her son doesn’t realize that it wasn’t his mother.”
The doctor paused for a minute. “Well, this is an important discovery. Good
work, Miss Maya, and I am truly sorry about your sister. Keep me updated.” The phone
call was ended.
Bina’s melody echoed in the breeze as Colt continued analyzing the data. Andy
stood up and stared at Maya. “What did the boss say?”
“We are going to stay in this city longer than I expected,” she answered. “I fear
that we are going to see the other members sooner, too.”
Colt glanced at Maya. “I think you should come and look at this.” She walked
over to him and stared at the screen. “The substance is different than before. The DNA
structure is rearranging itself as if-” Soon Bina stopped her singing and coughed violently
to the point where she fell to the ground. Andy ran and helped her up.
“It regenerated,” Maya growled under her breath. “That little shit!” Then she
turned to them. “We’re going back! Andy, possess me now.” The three transformed into
orbs again and one flew straight into Maya. Her muscles grew bigger as her voice was
combined with Andy’s voice. “Let’s go!”
Elliot locked himself in his room, not because of Maya’s instructions, but from
plain fear of what might happen next. He held his phone tightly and checked the time for
the C.I.A men to come. It was nearly 11:45 at night and he hasn’t eaten yet. “This must
be a dream,” he told himself. “Maybe, if I can wake myself up, then this will all be over.”
He pinched himself over and over again. But he was still in the same position.
Suddenly, there was a light knock on his door which he nearly jumped out of
fright. He moved closer to the door but remembered what Maya said. The knocked was
heard again and a voice was spoken. “Elliot, you should eat your dinner… The food is
getting cold.” Chills ran down his spine as he heard her voice. “Elliot…?”
He slowly backed away from the door and whispered in fear. “No… This can’t be
real… You’re not my mother…”
Something tried to turn the doorknob but it was locked. “Elliot, open the door…”
He didn’t move from his spot as the knocks grew louder each second. “Elliot, are you
there? Please open the door.” Then the door shook violently as the voice got angrier.
“Open this door right now! Elliot! Listen to your mother! Don’t make me come in there!”