Project G.H.O.S.T HTML version

“Alright,” Mia smiled. “I trust you.”
“Show yourself, spirits,” Maya commanded. Soon, three orbs of light appeared
and surrounded Maya. Mia was speechless as Maya took a bite out of the cookie. “So
you like it?”
Mia smiled again. “Thank you, Maya… But doesn’t it freak you out?”
“Nope,” Maya answered. “But you do.” Suddenly, Maya pulled out her gun and
shot her sister in the head. Green ooze was spilling out of the body as it fell to the ground.
Parts of the kitchen were covered in its green blood as Maya took another bite of the
cookie. “You damn alien.”
Elliot ran out into the kitchen. “What happen? I heard a loud bang-” The sight of
the body, the green substance, and the weapon in Maya’s hand caught his eye. “Mom…”
The orbs vanished as Maya turned to him. “She’s not your mother.” Elliot was
shocked by her words. “This is an extraterrestrial. An alien I was ordered to kill.”
“So I have been living with an alien this whole time?” he spoke. “What about my
Maya shook her head slowly. “She died a week before your birthday…” Elliot
dropped to his knees. “I’m very sorry, Elliot… I couldn’t save her in time. I can only save
“Maya…” he began to cry. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? She’s your sister,
isn’t she?”
She sighed. “I was told to keep all of this a secret from the innocent people. You
have to understand why I didn’t keep in touch for a while.” She moved closer to him.
“But listen to me. Stay in your room and do not come out until morning. The C.I.A. are
going to clean this up later. And do not speak any of this to anyone. There might be more
of these freaks in the city.”
“What are you going to do, Maya?” he asked.
She frowned. “I got some unfinished business to take care of. Just listen to my
instructions and you won’t get hurt.” She began to move to the front door.
“Maya!” he called out. “You can’t leave me like this.”
She smiled over her shoulder. “You’re a big boy now. I think you can handle
yourself. Stay out of trouble, though.” Then she exited the apartment, leaving Elliot alone
with the corpse.
As the night fell upon the city, Maya arrived at the top of a tall building. She
whispered in the night breeze, “You guys can come out now.” The three orbs appeared
and each morphed into a human body. O ne was a buffed man and dressed in a battle dress
uniform; another was a scientist in a lab coat and carried a laptop, and lastly a beautiful
female with long bangs that covered her eyes. “Colt, can you analyze the green fluid from
the apartment?” Maya asked.
The scientist nodded while he starts up his laptop. “Right away, Maya.”
The buffed man walked up to Maya. “Are you sure the kid will be okay?”
“You worry too much, Andy,” the beautiful woman smiled as she patted him on
his back. “As long as Maya believes in him, there’s nothing to worry about.”
Maya folded her arms. “I wouldn’t believe in him just yet. He’s still a kid.”
“Then why would you leave him behind?” Andy asked.