Project G.H.O.S.T HTML version

Project G.H.O.S.T. Chapter 1- Possess
Mia Ray, a very kind young mother, has returned to her apartment from the
grocery store as usual. The front door of her apartment closed behind her as the barrel of
a gun was pointed at the back of her head. Mia slowly placed the bags on the kitchen
counter and raise up her hands as the gun moved closer to her head.
The shooter spoke first, “Mary had a little lamb.”
Mia smiled, “Its fleece was white as snow.” The shooter lowered the gun as Mia
turned around. “Maya! My goodness, I haven’t seen you in forever.”
Maya hid the gun in her clothes and smiled back. “Haha. You never change, do
you, Mia. I’m taking a little time off of work so I can to visit my favorite sister.”
Mia blushed. “Oh you. Please come in and make yourself at home. I know, let me
make your favorite cookie.” Mia moved into the kitchen as Maya took a seat at the
counter. “Anyways, how have you been? Mom and Dad will be happy to see you again.
Even Elliot wondered about you sometimes.”
Maya stretched out on the counter. “My work has been killing me. I travel too
much and meet too many people. I couldn’t get any vacation time because my company
didn’t have enough international businessmen. Can’t I be like you and work at a pet
“Well, I guess you had fun,” Mia laughed. “I don’t think you would like to clean
up after animal. It can be a whole crap load of work.”
Maya sat up and laughed. “Haha. You’re probably right. So, how is everyone?”
“Elliot just turned 16 last month and he is in the top 50 of his class,” Mia
informed. “Mom and Dad are planning a cruise in the summer. The grandparents are still
at the farm as always.”
Soon, a young man entered the apartment. “Mom, I’m home,” he called out.
“Welcome back, Elliot,” Mia smiled. “Don’t you remember Aunt Maya? She’s
here on vacation for a little while.”
Elliot sat next to Maya and smiled. “Hey, Aunt Maya. How long are you
“About two weeks,” she answered. “My gosh, Elliot. You had gotten taller since I
last saw you. Now I can’t call you a mouse anymore.”
Elliot laughed. “I’m almost taller than you. Maybe I could beat you up this time.”
Maya smirked. “Keep dreaming kid. Aunt Maya won’t lose to a big mouse.”
“Oh Elliot,” Mia said. “Can you do the laundry for me? I’m busy cooking right
He nodded. “Okay, Mom.” Then he moved into the next room.
“I’m surprised you raised him well without a man,” Maya smiled.
“That’s because I’m the older sister,” Mia joked. “I got experience from you.”
“Well, I’m glad to be your guinea pig,” Maya laughed.
Mia took the tray of fresh cookies from the oven and placed it on the counter. She
spoke in a soft voice, “But, Maya, is it true?”
“True about what?” Maya asked as she took a cookie from the tray.
Mia leaned closer. “About the… ghosts that are around you…”
Maya smirked. “Would you like to see?” Mia hesitated. “Don’t worry. They
won’t hurt you. I promise.”