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In just a few seconds, this simple technique will generate a lot of possibilities to get you
Maybe it will take longer than a few seconds for you, depending on the speed of your internet
connection and how busy the online traffic is in your region. But it certainly won't take long.
Just to show you how it works, I typed in the word "prevent" and got a long list of search
results, ranging from these at the top (with more searches)...
2771 prevent
2593 explorer from internet prevent
1903 prevent identity theft
1570 prevent acne
1043 prevent hair loss
844 prevent hangover
779 how to prevent global warming
763 how to prevent diabetes
741 prevent stretch marks
... all the way down to this handful at the bottom (with fewer searches)...
123 prevent constipation
123 prevent frozen pipe
121 prevent divorce
120 prevent drunk driving
119 how to prevent louse
118 prevent baldness
118 crash improve prevent
117 prevent soil pollution
115 prevent alzheimers disease
Surely we can find one here that we like. You could earn money from lots of these, except
maybe not "prevent internet explorer from" - unless you can figure out what that's about. Me...
I'm a bit mystified. Anyhow I use Firefox because it's more secure than Internet Explorer.
Back to the topic, Gary...
We've now got ourselves quite a long list of search results. But which of these topics
should we promote, if we want to make money?
Well, there are TWO things to remember here.
1. There needs to be sufficient demand as evidenced by a larger number of searches for that