Profitable Home - Based Business HTML version

Find a profitable home based business -- step #1: Go to
your favorite keyword service
There are several free tools to choose from.
But what if you haven't a clue about what topic to investigate?
Aha, that's where 'secret' #2 comes in. You'll love this.
Find a profitable home based business -- step #2: Where
to start if you dont know where to start
If you don't have ANY ideas of what topic you might want to investigate in the first place, you
need a way to stimulate a few possibilities for you to check out. Here's what you can do.
It's easy and it works.
I used Pixelfast for this example, but any of the keyword service will do the job. This time type
in a single wide-ranging word like...
• cure
• remove
• find
• build
• fix
• solution
• problem
Or type in several words such as...