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Princess Ruby of Tamworthia

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Published: 3 years ago

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The sacred mystical forest, in Northern England, is threatened by the oldest of battles, the war between good and evil. A wicked Witch and an evil Black Fox, threaten the very existence of the forest and the magical creatures that live within. Help is required from the oldest of Dragons, a Sea Dragon known as a Wyvern. Is the Wyvern’s old-world magic enough? A young girl’s parents are placed under a sinister spell, cast by the devious Witch. Can she save her parents? Can she save the forest? A magical tale of Castles, Wyverns, Wood Sprites, Owls, Fairies and Badgers united in their struggle for survival. A classic story of good verses evil set in medieval England. A thoroughly enjoyable read with a Princess as the heroine. Remember, open your mind to mystical things and your life will become mystical!

Khairul Anwar Khairuddin

Thank you Phil Armstrong for writing this book. Such a compelling read, for children and adults alike. And the message delivered at the end is very profound, and will help children outside there to embrace their uniqueness, creating unity in diversity. One suggestions that i can supply is the book will be much more visually entertaining if illustrations can be provided, of the wyverns and badger and ranger and fairy, of the coat of arms, or of the black fox and the witch. Other than that, this is a very good read, not only for bedtime, but for any occassion. Thank you again! And i hope you continue writing books like this one!

Phil Armstrong

I'm very pleased to bring you this book. It's a well written traditional adventure story set in a mystical forest with Dragons, Badgers, a Princess and a Castle. A great bedtime story that young readers and adults will enjoy. The story pits good against evil and the characters and animals in this story will enchant you. Give it a read, I'm sure you'll enjoy it and I'd love to hear your feedback - Phil.


Phil Armstrong

Phil Armstrong was born and raised in West Yorkshire, England. He lived in the picturesque village of Haworth, home of the famous Bronte sisters. Phil moved to Canada where he now lives in Ontario with his beautiful wife and curious cat. Phil is an int

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