Pretty Boy HTML version

In all honesty, I’m ashamed of myself. I literally fell for
one of the oldest tricks in the book. I fell for the bait and
capture trick; it’s like a sucker punch but worse.
By the time I was captured almost all of the unwanted
inhabitants of our town had been liquidated in one way or
another. But the mayor and the city council were adamant that
not a single dog, cat, or other unwanted inhabitant of town was
to be seen anywhere. I think they eventually got their wish.
Anyway, on that dreadful Sunday afternoon I found myself
strolling through town, slobbering at the mouth, and desperate
to eat anything.
Believe me I almost stooped down to eating grass and
leaves. Now, that’s a major insult for any kitty. I would’ve
been called a cow by other cats.
At 2:30 P.M., while strolling on Williams Street I picked
up the scent of a trio fast food meal.
For those of you who aren’t Canadian, a trio, say at Burger
King would consist of a sandwich, fries, and a drink (usually
but not always a pop).
I could smell the meat, garnish, fries and vanilla milk
shake from a mile. Not to mention the bonus apple pie.
I knew very well that I had to eat and drink. Although part
of me was giving out an emergency warning regarding a possible
trap, I went ahead and ignored my instincts.
I continued walking on Williams street, due east and
enjoying the incredible tree-lined streets.
I was in the posh side of town and indeed, loved it. Every
cat wants to live in a mansion, to eat the best foods, drink the
best drinks, to have beautiful living and playing
accommodations, free veterinary medical care, and loving
As soon as I reached the peripheral of the John’s Burger
Joint parking lot I paused for a moment, glanced up at the sky,
admired its beautiful blueness and then proceeded to what I
viewed as my natural free meal ticket.
Honestly, I should’ve stopped in my tracks and then turned
back. You see, there wasn’t a car in sight; a dead giveaway that
a sting operation was in effect. But no, I proceeded to John’s
Burger Joint.
I reached the front of John’s Burger Joint a minute later.
My, oh, my, the place was delightful. It was two stories high,
with a large patio area, two artificial waterfalls one indoors
the other outdoors located within the patio seating area.
Yet another dead giveaway; I could smell my meal ticket’s
delicious vapours emanating from the back of the restaurant,
but, where was everyone? Even the interior of the restaurant was
empty, a haunting silence ensued.