Pretty Boy HTML version

Title: Pretty Boy
Author: Bassam Imam
This is an incredible story of, well, an incredible cat
named Pretty Boy. That’s me, yours truly. But don’t be fooled by
my being incredible. You can’t imagine how much hell I’ve been
through. But, in all honesty, let me admit that I’ve also had
many good times. Before I go through the normal narrative, I
must explain to you the horrors of animal shelter gas chambers.
I’m what you’d call a survivor. No, not a survivor, but an
incredible survivor.
I was born in Tree Town, a small town located in western
Ontario. This part of Western Ontario is absolutely beautiful.
As you guessed, Tree Town contained an incredible plethora
of trees and other plant life. Naturally, being in Canada, the
dominant figure was the Maple Tree. I’d always loved Maple
Trees; these gorgeous and highly precious trees are the epitome
of a Canadian plant.