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Pressing Reset
I first got involved in internet marketing back in 2007. I use the term “got involved” loosely.
That really translates to I didn't have a clue about internet marketing, but thought that I did,
because I had been reading sales pages, forum threads and blog posts late at night.
I'm probably just like a lot of you reading this now.
I was unhappy in my job. I worked as a lawyer. And I mean really “worked”. They
were long hours and although I was paid well - when you divided the number of hours by
the pay … really didn't add up (even for someone that is not very good at math/s like
Don't get me wrong, I love law. I just didn't like working as a lawyer.
There were loads of things I didn't like, but the main one was not having enough time to
enjoy life. Not a lot of point if you are earning money but you don't get to enjoy it, and the
earning takes a lot of time that you'll never get back.
Not to mention the stress. I remember at one point going to the dentist complaining of
an aching jaw. Turns out I had developed a nice little habit of grinding my teeth to soothe
me to sleep.
One of the worse things was realising that I had studied so hard and so long (doing
degrees in law, psychology, criminology and economics and courses in real estate and
valuation) only to find that it wasn't what I wanted after all. I just wasn't happy.
Before work started each day for me (usually 7.00 a.m. but earlier if I had something “on”)
I'd buy a coffee and sit out the front for a few minutes negotiating with myself and sipping
my coffee. It would go something like this – “so if I'm able to finish this urgent work by
lunch time ..there's a chance that I could go out and get a sandwich at lunch time. And if
all goes well in the afternoon maybe, hopefully, I'll be able to get out the door by 8.30 p.m.”
So, before I even started work for the day I was plotting how long it would take to get out of
the place at the end of the day. It was dark outside when I left in the morning for work
and it was dark when I got home. For a while there I rarely seen daylight!
I had no social life to speak of. If you weren't a colleague or a client I basically didn't have
enough time in my schedule for you.
It seemed unbelievable after so much study and hard work to just walk into work and quit.
But that's what I did. I had no formal Plan B, I just knew I couldn't do it anymore.
When I handed in my notice within half an hour I was offered more money if I stayed. I
turned them down. They were totally confused. I wasn't leaving to go to another firm. I
wasn't leaving because I wanted more money. I was just leaving. I don't think that they
had ever been turned down before in those circumstances, because they were completely
dismayed that someone could walk away from the office, the view and the pay to just do
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