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About the Author
Al Carroll is Assistant Professor of History at Northern Virginia Co mmunity College, teaching
American, American Indian, and Latin American History. He also taught at Arizona State University,
San Antonio College, St. Phillip's College, and Hasanuddin University in Indonesia as a Fulbright
Senior Scholar.
His other books are Medicine Bags and Dog Tags: American Indian Veteran Traditions from
Colonial Times to the Second Iraq War and Survivors: Family Histories of Colonialism, Genocide,
and War. His next books will be Ira Hayes: The Meaning of His Life in Native Memory and White
Stereotypes, an alternate history work Confederate Tyranny, and A People's History of Texas. He is a
longtime activist and researcher for
I would like to thank my family for their support, my sisters, aunts, uncles, other family, and my
wife Lia and her family. O f course one's greatest influence is always one's parents, Alton Sr. and
Concepcion Carroll. In loving memory to them both.
A work like this is obviously influenced by previous writings, especially James Loewen's Lies
My Teacher Told Me and Linda Tuwahi-Smith's (Maori) Decolonizing Methodologies. One can also
find plentiful evidence of the influence of Vine Deloria (Lakota), Jack Forbes (Powhattan), Noam
Chomsky, and Howard Zinn. Anyone who enjoys these a uthors will enjoy this work, and vice versa.
I should also thank the historians who trained me, Peter Iverson and Arturo Rosales at Arizona
State University and Donna Akers (Choctaw) and Charles Cutter at Purdue University. Finally, I thank
the staff and faculty at Northern Virginia Community College and the Fulbright Program.