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the air. She was sure she heard whispering! She sat up and looked around the room and then at
Chuck lying there sleeping, snoring softly. She looked at the mirror again, and was fascinated.
The small dark figures were flickering, and she could make out more detail. The whispering indeed
seemed to be coming from the mirror. She felt a shiver of fear run down her spine but closed her
eyes and shook her head angrily.
This was no way for a grown woman to act, afraid of shadows on a mirror! She opened her eyes,
and looked defiantly at the mirror. Bad mistake! It was indeed! Little white-haired men were staring
back at her, and their numbers had grown!
The whispering was increasing to a level where she could almost make out their words. Her first
instinct was to jump out of the bed and run, as far away from there as she could get, but fear had her
in its cold grip now.
Her frozen eyes were glued to the mirror, as the numbers grew to about fifteen or twenty now, of the
dark little men. Their white beards were moving, as they whispered together; their eyes glued on
her. She grabbed Chuck's arm and shook him violently as the whispers rose in a crescendo, but he
was dead to the world.
The whispering had reached the level of screaming now, and her panicking mind picked out random
phrases, as the number of little men swelled to fifty or more.
"Take her, need her, going to run, stop her, need her, grab her!" finally took hold in her discordant
brain, reeling from the shriek of the muffled whispering, and the fear of the gnome looking figures in
the mirror.
She leapt out of the bed and tried to run, but made the mistake of looking back at the mirror to see if
she was going to be chased. A tall dark figure stood behind the little gnome like creatures with his
hand outstretched toward her, palm up.
She couldn't make out his features, his image flickering like a candle flame. However, she heard
the hypnotic sound of his voice, "Come to me. We need you, come to me! Now!"
Sobbing, her eyes locked on the glowing red orbs in his flickering shadow face. Her body betrayed
her, and slowly shambled forward like a zombie; closer toward that shadowy hand with the long claw
like nails reaching toward her behind the glass of the mirror. The little gnome men gnashing their
sharp fang-like teeth, and whispering at the top of their lungs.
"No, please God no!" She wailed as her arm raised of its own accord, and her hand went toward
that clawed appendage. Her image was transparent and growing darker, beginning to flicker, as her
hand traveled the last few inches to the glass.
She screamed as her hand passed through the glass-like water, and the shadowy hand clamped on
hers and jerked her through. "He has nothing to do with it!" the black flickering image laughed; as he
snatched her up on his shoulder and strode away, the little hellions turning and following him.
Chuck awoke the next morning and got up to relieve himself. Coming back from the bathroom he
looked over at Dina lying there so still and pale.She must be worn out he thought and went into the
kitchen to start breakfast. He didn't notice that she wasn't breathing.
Bobby W. Lee
Isle De la Muencas
The three little girls had been playing around the edge of the canal bordering the island. The
smallest of the three had a baby doll her mother had painstakingly hand-made for her out of scraps
of quilt and cotton. The face and head was made from clay pottery, delicately and lovingly, hand
painted. She loved her baby and called it Esmerelda.
The other two girls were a bit jealous, and made a game of snatching the beautiful doll from her and
throwing it over her head to each other. She ran back and forth between them crying, with her arms
upraised,and they thought this was fine sport. The two taller girls were laughing, and as the little girl
got close to the doll, the oldest girl threw it long and high toward the other older girl.
It went over her head and fell on the steep canal bank, and slid down almost to the water.The older
girls were still laughing, so the small girl ran like the wind past the taller girl to get to her baby first.
She grabbed the doll, but stumbled and fell down the bank and into the canal, still clutching her
prized doll.
Screaming and thrashing she fought to stay above water, but would not turn loose of her doll. The
other two girls were terrified, and fled back to the tiny village on the other side of the island; behind
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