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Table to Contents

Chapter 1: What is Prayer


Chapter 2: Understanding the Lord’s Prayer


Chapter 3: What is the ACTS Prayer Method


Chapter 4: Sample Prayers for Preschoolers


Chapter 5: Prayer Crafts


Chapter 6: Prayer Activities/Games


Chapter 7: Prayer Songs


Chapter 8: Prayer Activity/Book Resources


00001.jpg00002.jpg00003.jpg00004.jpg00005.jpg00006.jpg00007.jpg00008.jpg00009.jpgWHAT IS PRAYER?

When you talk to God, this is called prayer. Prayer is something that you should do when you are all by yourself. When you talk to God even though you cannot see Him, He can hear you every time that you pray. God can even hear what you think! God is good! You should talk to God when you are:




HAPPY God loves you and He always listens to children. No matter what you have done wrong, God always hears His children.

God lives up in the sky, in a place called Heaven. No matter what, you must always trust God. He has a plan for each and every one of you and He already
knows what you will be doing when you are grown up like your mommy and
daddy. No matter where you are God is with you even though you can't see Him; you will be able to feel him inside your heart.

00100.jpg00101.jpg00102.jpg00103.jpg00104.jpg00105.jpg00106.jpg00107.jpg00108.jpg00109.jpg00110.jpg00111.jpg00112.jpg00113.jpg00114.jpg00115.jpg00116.jpg00117.jpg00118.jpg00119.jpg00120.jpg00121.jpg00122.jpg00123.jpg00124.jpg00125.jpg00126.jpg00127.jpg00128.jpg00129.jpg00130.jpg00131.jpg00132.jpg00133.jpg00134.jpg00135.jpg00136.jpg00137.jpg00138.jpg00139.jpg00140.jpg00141.jpg00142.jpg00143.jpg00144.jpg00145.jpg00146.jpg00147.jpg00148.jpg00149.jpg00150.jpg00151.jpg00152.jpg00153.jpg00154.jpg00155.jpg00156.jpg00157.jpg00158.jpg00159.jpg00160.jpg00161.jpg00162.jpg00163.jpgWhen you pray to God, He will bless you and He will answer your prayers. Have you ever been afraid? Have you ever been afraid at night when you are in your bed or when you woke up from a bad dream? God is always there to protect you even when you are scared.
When should you pray?
When you wake up Before you eat

Before you go to bed There is no right or wrong place to pray. You can pray in your bedroom or in your backyard. When you pray you should ask God to bless certain people and to watch over them for you. Who do you think that you should pray for?

Your family Your church


00164.jpgYour friends

Jesus is the Son of God. Back when Jesus was alive just like you and I are today, He used to pray a lot. Jesus had disciples. The Disciples were 12 special friends that Jesus picked to follow Him. Jesus taught His disciples to trust in His Father, God.

One day when the disciples saw Jesus praying they asked Him, “Lord, teach us to pray.” Jesus said to them, “When you pray, say:

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be Your name,
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our debts,

as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil one.

For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.”


Matthew 6:9-13


Even though the disciples always saw Jesus praying, they still weren’t sure how to do it. That is why they asked Him.

Jesus says that we should keep our prayers simple and we don’t have to use big or fancy words. Sometimes people like to show off but Jesus says that we should never show off when we pray. It is our quiet time when we are

alone with God.

Let’s try to understand exactly what the Lord’s Prayer means.

Our Father in heaven: This means that we are praying to God. He likes it when we call Him Father. God is father to all of his children, whether you are very young or very old, or anywhere in-between.

Hallowed be Your name: Saying this is a way of saying the God is really special to you, and you know His name is holy.

Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven: We know that God lives in Heaven, right? Heaven is a pretty great place to live. God tells us that in Heaven no one will cry or be hungry and God will live with us. It is also a way of praying that people would live here on earth just like they would live in Heaven, honoring God always. Give us today our daily bread: This is asking God to give us everything that we need to live. Do you know what some of the things that we cannot live without are?






Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors: This is when we ask God to forgive us for what we have done wrong. If we want to be forgiven then we have to be sorry for what we did wrong. We also have to be willing to forgive those that have been mean to us.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one: This is when we ask God to help us do the right thing. Sometimes we might want to tell a lie to our parents or we might want to hit another kid, or maybe you like one of

your friends toys and you think it is really cool, so you might want to take it. These things are wrong. So we ask God to keep us away from the very bad things that are in the world.

For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever: This means that God is the best and that He will be in Heaven forever and ever. No matter whatever happens God will always win.

Amen: This means that we are 100% sure that this is the truth!

The ACTS prayer method is pretty hard for young children to understand. It stands for adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. Do you know what any of those words mean? Probably not, but that’s okay because many grownups don’t know what they mean either.

Let’s try to look at it in a much easier way!

A doration means I Love You! Confession means I am sorry! Thanksgiving means Thank You! Supplication means Please!

Do you know why these are so important? God loves each one of you so very much so it is very important to tell Him that you love Him every chance that you can. You know how important it is to say that you are sorry right?

You should always tell God that you are sorry if you did something that might make Him sad. Tell God “thank you” a hundred times a day! Can you think of some things that you are thankful for? Name just a few of the most important things that you should thank God for.
Your Parents Your brothers and sisters
Your Pets God
When you draw a special picture for your mommy or you do something nice to help someone, do you like it when people say, “Thank you” to you? God likes it too and it makes Him feel so happy to know that you are thinking about Him.

Draw a picture for someone you love very much right now!


We learned earlier that we should pray for certain people such as our family, our church, and our friends. Do you know some prayers that you could say to pray for these people? We also learned that we should pray when we wake up in the morning, before we eat, and before bed. Let’s look at some prayers that we could say for each time.

When we wake up

Lord, you made today, thank you. Please watch over me today and bless everyone that I love. I am sorry if I did anything wrong. I love you. Amen

This prayer is very small but you said please and thank you, you said I love you, and you said you were sorry. Good job!

Before we eat
Lord, thank you for the food that we are about to eat. Bless the people around the world that do not have any food to eat. I love you. Amen

Before we go to sleep
Lord, I am going to sleep now. Please watch over my house while we are sleeping. Thank you for this day. I love you. Amen

Lord’s Prayer Angel Craft

White paper or cardstock
Colored paper for wings
Scraps of colored paper for hair (optional)
Markers, crayons, or colored pencils
Ribbon or yarn

Head and Body Directions:

1. Print the template of the angel head, hands, and body provided on the next page. You may want the children to color the head and hands a flesh color, but that is optional.

2. Cut out the pieces provided in the template.
3. Draw a face on the angel using markers, crayons, or colored pencils.
4. Glue the head and hands to the angel body.
5. Cut hair for the angel from a scrap of colored paper, or draw hair on the angel’s head.
Angel Wings Directions:

1. Place the child’s hands on a piece of paper with the fingers together for easier cutting. Trace the child’s hands using a pencil. For a Sunday school class, you may want to have the kids pair up and trace each other’s hands.

2. Cut out the paper hands. Flip them over so the pencil marks won’t show.
3. Glue the wrist ends of the paper hands to the back of the angel body to make the wings.

To hang up the angel, cut a piece of ribbon or yarn about 6 inches long. Tape both ends of the ribbon or yarn to the back of the prayer angel’s head. Now the kids can hang up the angel on a doorknob or other easy to see place at home, so they can practice remembering this important prayer.


The Lord’s Prayer Angel Craft Template Prayer Chain


Construction Paper
Glue sticks


Cut paper strips of construction paper about 2” in width and 6” in length. You can have many colors of paper or just a few. Have all the children give a prayer request out loud in class. They can pray about someone who is ill, a trip they may be taking, or any other prayer request that comes to mind. Write each child’s request on a separate strip. Have the children each make a paper chain out of the requests. Have the children take them home and hang them in their room or somewhere in their house so they can remember to pray over each requests each night.

00189.jpgPrayer Sticks

Craft sticks Markers Empty container (frosting, coffee tin, etc.) Construction paper


Take craft sticks and write different prayers on them with markers. Decorate an empty container with construction paper and stickers. Place the prayer sticks inside of the container. At the beginning of class have preschoolers pick a prayer from the container, you read the prayer aloud, and everyone in the class prays it together. You only need one container for the whole class to share.


Prayer Pockets


Two paper plates
Hole punch
7-inch lengths of yarn Colored index cards (6 per child) Crayons


Cut one of the paper plates in half and staple it to the whole paper plate, which will create a pocket. Print at the bottom of each pocket, “I will pray.” Give each child 6 index cards. Help the child to print on each card the name of someone they can pray for. Decorate the prayer reminder pocket and place the cards in the pocket. Punch a hole in the top of each pocket and thread a length of yarn through the hole. Find somewhere to hang the prayer reminder pocket.

00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00191.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00192.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00193.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00194.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00197.jpg00195.jpg00196.jpg00198.jpg00199.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00200.jpg00201.jpg00202.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00205.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00205.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00205.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00205.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00205.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00205.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00205.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00205.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00205.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00205.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00205.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00205.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00205.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00204.jpg00205.jpg00206.jpg00203.jpg00205.jpg00206.jpg00207.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00208.jpg00209.jpg00210.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00211.jpg00212.jpg00213.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00214.jpg00215.jpg00216.jpgMustard Seed Necklace



Large size wiggly eye
Small piece of construction paper
Mustard seed (found in grocery stores)


Thin cord


Remove the back of a plastic wiggly eye so that the child can use the clear plastic front. Trace around the eye on the construction paper and cut the tiny circle out. Put glue around the edge of the circle. Carefully set the mustard seed in the middle of the circle. Glue on the clear plastic from the wiggle eye over the circle. Let the glue dry. Cut a 2-foot length of gold cord. Glue the two ends of the cord to the back of the circle to make a hanger.

A Secret Prayer

To help young children feel comfortable with prayer, it is important that they understand prayer is communication between God and the one praying. To illustrate this fact, provide a child in your class with a towel (or sheet) that she can place over her head. Start by placing a towel over your head and say a prayer out loud. Now let that child do the same. Tell her that she is not trying to please anyone except for God when she prays, and that under the towel she is alone with God. Let each child take a turn, but not force any child to pray, if they are not ready.

00219.jpgGod Hears Me

Directions: To teach your children that God hears our prayers, play this game. Gather items and place them in a bag. You might choose things such as: a harmonica, a whistle, a crying baby doll, and a bell.

Stand up and have the children close their eyes. Pick an item from the bag and play it for the children. Be sure to turn your back so that peeking eyes will not wander. Place the item back in the bag and ask the class if they can guess what they heard. If they were wrong, play it again. If they were right, move on to the next object.

Prayer Circle Time

Directions: Have the children sit in a circle on the floor or on chairs. Explain to them that prayer is about talking with God. Encourage each child to go around the circle and say one thing they are thankful for. That is generally the easiest way to teach a child how to prayer through thanksgiving. Teach them how to fold their hands, bow their heads, and close their eyes while they are listening to the other children, and when they say their prayer. If a child does not want to say anything, do not force him or her.

Special in God's Sight Draw faces of people you can pray for! 00220.jpg

God Loves All People

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Loves Me, this I know For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong They are weak, but He is strong

Yes, Jesus Loves Me! Yes, Jesus Loves Me! Yes, Jesus Loves Me!

The Bible tells me so
John 3:16
To the tune of “I'm a Little Teapot”

God so loved the world he gave his son These are the words in the gospel of John God so loved the world He gave His Son Read verse sixteen chapter three in John.

Color Me
To the tune of “Mary Had a little Lamb”

Color me and color you Color red and color blue I love God and I love you Color, color me

Color you and color me Color yellow and color green I love God and he loves me Color, color me

Color you and color me
Color orange and color purple (Wheeee!)
I love God and God loves me Color, color me
Jesus is Our Friend Today
To the tune of “London Bridges”

Jesus is our friend today Clap your hands, shout hooray Jesus is our friend today We love Jesus!

Jesus is our friend today Stomp your feet, shout hooray Jesus is our friend today We love Jesus!

Jesus is our friend today Turn around, shout hooray Jesus is our friend today We love Jesus!

He Loves Me
To the tune of “Three Blind Mice”

He loves me,
He loves me,
He loves you too, He loves you too.

Hallelujah He's the son of God!
Hallelujah He's the only one!
I will love Lord Jesus with all of my heart, 'Cause He loves me!

00221.jpgPrayer Activity/Book Resources


00222.jpgLittle Blessings: What is Prayer?
Kathleen Long Bostrom


ISBN: 0842353550

Description: From the artist who created the Care Bears, Little Blessings products are a perfect mix of charming artwork and heartfelt words. From answering little ones' big questions to making them feel loved and special, this book is certain to be a classic. This hardcover book helps to introduce preschool kids to the concept of prayer. Scripturally-based text intermingled with warm illustrations makes this book a perfect tool for parents who want to help their young ones begin a lifelong conversation with God. Recommended for ages 0 to 5.

00223.jpgAll About Prayer
Lois Rock


ISBN: 0687063078

Description: Each double-page spread has a different focus on Prayer. It asks key questions such as: What is prayer? It emphasizes talking to God anywhere. It gives suggestions of what to pray for, reminds children prayer is both listening and talking to God and concludes with the traditional form of The Lord's Prayer. Recommended for ages 4 to 8. This book also measures 6 1/2 by 6 inches, has 24 pages, and is hardcover.

Find more great prayer resources for kids at our website!
Just visit: today for activities, coloring pages, and tons of valuable information you can use right now.
The Story of the Lord’s Prayer


00224.jpgAuthor: Patricia A. Pingry


ISBN: 0824965191

Description: As a little girl begins her day, goes to nursery school, gets picked up by her dad, and, finally, ends her day in prayer and sleep, the words of the Lord's Prayer are illustrated by her actions. Parents may use this book as a way to introduce the concept of prayer. A board book from Candy Cane Press.

You Pray For Me, I’ll Pray For You
Phil A. Smouse


ISBN: 0784717389

Description: Reading is fun with the interactive Read
series! You Pray for Me, I'll Pray for You!


is full of 20 clever stories and humorous illustrations
perfect for new and beginning readers. Just find a friend, choose your color and have fun! You Pray for Me, I'll Pray for You! is designed for two voices to read aloud together--parent an child or two friends. One person reads the blue colored text, the other reads the orange text, and both read the green text. Recommended for ages 4 to 7.

God’s Little Devotional Book for Kids


00226.jpgAuthor: V. Gilbert Beers


ISBN: 1562924788

Description: You don't have to be a grownup to understand what God has to say. He has special thoughts and messages for kids, too! This life-shaping devotional teaches big truths through fun stories, catchy rhymes, simple prayers, and Bible verses. A colorful and encouraging guide to godly living for ages 4 to 8. 208 pages, hardcover from Honor.

00227.jpgFinish-the-Picture Book of Prayers
Christine Tangvald


ISBN: 0310708966

Description: Encourage your kids to talk often to their heavenly Father! Designed to be enjoyed again and again, this imaginative activity book features simple prayers and colorful illustrations that your children can finish with their own crayons or a dry-erase marker. Once the pictures are complete, just wipe the pages clean! Recommended for ages 6 and under.

00228.jpgFrom Aardvark to Zucchini: My Very Own Alphabet of Prayers DVD Publisher: Vision Video


UPC: 0727985009155

Description: Join the kids and critters in this prayer-packed program as they thank God from A to Z. You'll soon learn that praying is fun to do and fruitful, too. Filled with songs and rhymes, this animated video is an entertaining and educational introduction to prayer for preschoolers and their parents. Recommended for ages 2 to 5.

Interactive Prayer Bear


00229.jpgManufacturer: Standard Publishing


UPC: 0707529029153

Description: He's cute! He's cuddly! He's a committed prayer warrior! And he's eager to teach your little ones about talking with God. Press any of his four touch points and he recites a different prayer, and before you know it, your tots are joining in. A wonderful addition to any church nursery. Recommended for ages 2 and up. Measures 14" tall.




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