Powerful Positive Prayer HTML version

aChapter One
Why This Book?
It seems like prayer should be simple. It's a uniquely personal process
unlike anything else. It's not just thinking, it's communicating. It can be like
a conversation, but it's internal. So, if it's personal and intimate, and if it is
unique to each person, why would anyone consider writing what is basically
a “how to” book about prayer?
Good question.
Like many people, there was a time in my life when prayer was hard. I
just couldn't seem to connect with God. I felt isolated and frustrated. I knew
this internal communication was possible, because I'd experienced it before.
That was fortunate, because if I hadn't done it before, I may have given
up. I knew I could achieve that level of personal connection withGod again,
but I had either forgotten how to do it during the dark days in my life, or (the
unthinkable) God had forsaken me during those days.
When I prayed, it wasn't from a place of confidence. I'd fallen away
from my spiritual life. Don't get me wrong -- it's not like I was living on the
street with a needle in my arm. I just forgot, somehow.
I don't know how someone could forget one of the most important
relationships in her life, but I did. When I realized what I'd done, I felt
ashamed. I thought God would have turned His back on me.
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