Power of Thoughts HTML version

A method whereby old, undesirable, earth-binding habits can be broken,
and new, desirable, heaven lifting habits can be acquired, a method
whereby life in part or in its totality can be changed, provided one is
sufficiently in earnest to know and, knowing it, to apply the law.
Thought is the force underlying all. And what do we mean by this? Simply
this: Your every act - every conscious act - is preceded by a thought. Your
dominating thoughts determine your dominating actions. In the realm of
our own minds we have absolute control, or we should have, and if at any
time we have not, then there is a method by which we can gain control, and
in the realm of the mind become thorough masters.
In order to get to the very foundation of the matter, let us look to this for a
moment. For if thought is always parent to our acts, habits, character, life,
then it is first necessary that we know fully how to control our thoughts.
Here let us refer to that law of the mind which is the same as is the law in
Connection with the reflex nerve system of the body, the law which says
that whenever one does a certain thing in a certain way it is easier to do the
same thing in the same way the next time, and still easier the next, and the
next, and the next, until in time it comes to pass that no effort is required,
or no effort worth speaking of; but on the opposite would require the
The mind carries with it the power that perpetuates its own type of
thought, the same as the body carries with it through the reflex nerve
system the power which perpetuates and makes continually easier its own
particular acts. Thus a simple effort to control one's thoughts, a simple
setting about it, even if at first failure is the result, and even if for a time
failure seems to be about the only result, will in time, sooner or later, bring
him to the point of easy, full, and complete control. Each one, then, can
grow the power of determining, controlling his thought, the power of
determining what types of thought he shall and what types he shall not
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