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Character-Building Thought Power
Written By:-Ralph Waldo Trine
Compiled By: - Er P K Gupta
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Unconsciously we are forming habits every moment of our lives. Some are
habits of a desirable nature; some are those of a most undesirable nature.
Some, though not so bad in themselves, are exceedingly bad in their
cumulative effects, and cause us at times much loss, much pain and
anguish, while their opposites would, on the contrary, bring as much peace
and joy, as well as a continually increasing power.
Have we it within our power to determine at all times what types of habits
shall take form in our lives? In other words, is habit-forming, character-
building, a matter of mere chance, or have we it within our own control?
We have, entirely and absolutely. "I will be what I will to be," can be said
and should be said by every human soul.
After this has been bravely and determinedly said, and not only said, but
fully inwardly realized, something yet remains. Something remains to be
said regarding the great law underlying habit-forming, character-building;
for there is a simple, natural, and thoroughly scientific method that all
should know.