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Marlin Hasler was a man with a plan. Revenge, a heaping plate of it, served
chilled. Inside his combination workshop home on Harper Road, he was carefully
and quietly building a bomb. He’d never built a bomb in his life let alone seen
one for that matter. He was into new country now. A dark, detached, bitter
The instructions on how to construct the bomb were downloaded from the Internet.
From the Anarchist Cookbook site. The bomb was made with Solidox. Easy, simple,
effective. A Solidox bomb.
Solidox is used in welding applications, as an oxidising agent for the hot flame
needed to melt metal. The most active ingredient is potassium chlorate, filler
used by the military in World War 2. He bought a standard can of it from the
local welding supply outfit, no questions asked. He’d done a little welding
sculpture work over the years, in copper and stainless steel. Birds, fish,
insects and abstracts. For outdoor landscaping.
Marlin pried open the can and removed all six sticks. Next, he carefully ground
them up with a small mortar and pestle, one at a time, into a fine powder. His
heart and head raced as he worked. His hands were jerking, his neck twitching.
He was sweating, anxious and, all the while, suspicious about what he could hear
outside. Every few minutes he would sneak over to the kitchen window and peep
out nervously from behind the curtains. Thinking the law was outside, about to
bust in and get him. Twice he even walked outside to look around the property.
But there was never ever anybody or anything lurking about. It was all in his
head. It was part of his new territory.
He was sweating. Drips fell on the table, his shirt was stained. He took another
pull on his water bottle. He was always doing that. Sucking away. Trying to
replace the fluids seeping out of his skin.
He weighed up the ground powder on his electric scale and mixed in an equal
amount of fine white castor sugar. Finally he packed the lot into four empty
pickle jars from the kitchen cupboard. Two large, one medium, one small. And
screwed the lids on tight.