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About The Authors


B. K. Narayan is a successful parent, consultant, and author. His mission is to provide all the essential, but missing information, in formal education to students and parents so that they become successful students and helpful parents.

Narayan himself was a poor student. But accidental use of one crude mind programming method turned him into a successful student. This change influenced him to study secrets of mind power. He has been studying and experimenting with it since 1968. As a result, he achieved many significant successes in his life.

During 1993-1995, he got an opportunity, as a social work, to help students in 22 schools in Nagpur City. Most of these students were declared as “going to fail” by their teachers. But Narayan transformed these students into “eager to learn and confident enough to succeed” in 18 hours of training, spread over two weeks.

This made him realize that if children are given right information and correct training, they can easily achieve more success. That's when he decided to create a system that would help in complete self-improvement of children, plus teach them essential skills and information needed to succeed in today's competitive world.

Thus Success MindwareTM a complete self-development system for students was born. It helps to improve all major areas of children's lives: Brainpower, Studies, Career, Personality, Creative Thinking, Health, Time-Management, Public Speaking and much more!

B. K. Narayan also conducts “Motivation and Better Study Techniques” workshop for students.


Preeti Narayan is daughter of B. K. Narayan. Preeti cleared her Masters in Science with second merit at university level. Her success with mind programming has inspired her to help others to use it. She has co-authored “Success MindwareTM” and the student friendly Book “251 Study Secrets” with B.K. Narayan.