Policing the Peacekeepers HTML version

The following excerpts were recorded by Save the Children study made in 2008, “No One to
Turn To, the Under-reporting of Child Sexual Exploitation by the United Nations,
Although the peacekeepers are not based here, they
have abused girls here. They come here a few days
at a time where they stay in a local compound. This
compound is near to the water pump where everyone
collects water. In the evening hours the peacekeepers
come out and stand near to the water pump. Some of
the girls from the village will come and collect water.
The men call to the girls and they go with them into the
compound. One of them became pregnant and then
disappeared. We still do not know where she is.
(Young boy, Southern Sudan)
There is a place not far from here where I go to visit.
The men call to me in the streets and they
ask me to go with them. But I dont go. They do this with
all of us young girls. I have a few friends that have gone
with them. Some of them are asked to give them
a lesbian show, and they are paid for that.
(Young girl, Haiti)
We all work at the peacekeeping camp. We have
worked there every day since they arrived in 2003 we
sell them sculpture and jewelry. I go there so that I can
earn money to contribute to the family income in order
to cover all that I need.
If there are other things that they want and they cant
talk about in front of other people, they invite us to their
rooms to tell us what they want us to do for them. They
various types of favours.
They ask us to find them girls. They
especially ask us for girls of our age. Often it will be
between eight and ten men who will share two or three
girls. When I suggest an older girl, they say that they
want a young girl, the same age as us.
I know which girls have done it before and I go and ask them. When I ask
the girls to come they are often keen because of the
gifts that are promised, such as mobile phones and
food rations…”
The peacekeepers hide it from their supervisors and
their friends who are not in their immediate group.
Because when this k ind of thing happens you have to
keep it confidential. Otherwise, if others hear about the