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Hair is an Emblem
By Angela Kristin Brown
my hair
the imagery of me
representing wigs
that make me
my hair
the vulgar, hip style weave
that others recognize the women in me
my hair
go natural go curly afro
fits the need to be bold
my hair
one day long, the other day short
or maybe one day I will wear it bald
my hair
is what makes me, my personality
my hair is a status symbol to go freely
I Pledge Elegance to Our Flag
By Angela Kristin Brown
The thirteen stripes for valor
the original colonies fought for
red they died and white for peace
the fifty one stars united we stand
a trilogy to sustain one common belief
for freedom, world peace and honor
my allegiance to the American flag
Day Hypo
By Angela Kristin Brown
Full mom arisen
sunlight dances between time
full moon resending
\My happiness at day break
amending sleepy a dreams
Memorial of Tony
By Angela Kristin Brown