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a mere reflection of being whipped
nobody’s perfect until caught
it is difficult to speculate the risk involved
the general, values of this imposition
is irrelative to pain
A Man Crying
By Angela Kristin Brown
Vicious white sheets
hovering hoods
in darkness
bow admittedly
speaking hate
adamant controversy
praising glory and
\a burning body
agile hanging
from a tree
crying murder
A Dream Deferred
By Angela Kristin Brown
• is hope an infringement of life
where as an inspired metaphor
depleted a reason to grow
Is hope so defile in life
that a dream is deferred
upon the wish to succeed
is only a dream
Is hope so denied
that every time you try
you trying, trying again
to start all over again?
Is hope so bitter
that your dreams are over looked
because no one understood you?
Is hope a simile to believe
in all hope, life and maturity
to succeed
is hope the dream you believed
that dream and it became true