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In My Own Little World
By Angela Kristin Brown
I lie hidden
underneath this mass
ovations trickling high
consumed within my own world
a metaphor for an alibi
I lie hidden
underneath this mask
identify a hidden past
muddled confusion; a simile
of failed accomplishments
to be misunderstood
in a world full of progress
To Dream
By Angela Kristin Brown
is hope an infringement of life
where as an inspired metaphor
depleted a reason to grow
\Is hope so defile in life
that a dream is deferred
upon the wish to succeed
is only a dream
\Is hope so denied
that every time you try
you trying, trying again
to start all over again?
\Is hope so bitter
that your dreams are over looked
because no one understood you?
Hate Poem
By Angela Kristin Brown
the narcissism in color an addiction
quota of being lynched
no one cares to pay attention
no one trust a basket case
and as the color exists
white sheets, black painted faces