Pocket Mentor Formula HTML version

The philosophy
Whether it’s to find clarity, focus or direction in
your life, create positive change, find the
motivation to meet your goals, build self
confidence or self-esteem, create balance in your
life, or increase earnings or productivity, you’re
going to love this e-book...
My name is Fraser Hay, creator of Pocket Mentor, the personal life coach, diary and success
system in one. I am also owner of www.pocketmentor.co.uk and normally at this stage in my
workshops and seminars I’d introduce myself and give you a bit more about me and my
background, but instead I cover that in greater detail on the link on the home page entitled
more facts about Pocket Mentor”. Please feel free to visit the link, after you read and apply the
techniques, concepts, exercises and ideas outlined in this e-book.
In this book, I’d like to explain the acronym P.O.C.K.E.T. M.E.N.T.O.R, - It is a simple acronym
and formula for achieving success in life, and is the basis on which the Pocket Mentor self
improvement and achievement system is based.
This e-book also contains numerous little known, but highly effective concepts, techniques and
exercises for you to apply and start generating many positive results in all areas of your life.
This e-book is designed so that you can re-read it daily as a stand alone lesson on how to
master your thoughts and create the future you want and also to mentally prepare you for
purchasing your own version of the Pocket Mentor self improvement and achievement system
in order to achieve even greater results.
One final thing, in order to get maximum benefit, please ensure you write down your answers to
the questions, and perform the exercises contained throughout. That said, now lets begin…
P icture your dreams – create a positive vision for the future
3 questions rule my life, and they should rule yours too. Got a pen?
You should ask yourself these 3 simple short, powerful and positive life altering questions, to
transform your self as an unlimited being with the unlimited potential to prosper in the world.
It’s time to examine your present circumstances, and think about how serious you are about
wanting to achieve the things you really desire in your life today.
For if you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you’ve
always had.
As you ask yourself and reflect on these 3 simple questions, you will identify areas of change in
your life, things you love to do, but probably haven’t done for a while, and will identify certain
goals that you want to achieve and will be surprised that they perhaps hadn’t become obvious
to you before now. The immediate value of the proven P.O.C.K.E.T.M.E.N.T.O.R system
depends on what you apply these ideas to and how well you apply them.
- 3 -
The philosophy