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and the loss of self-confidence will arise. This book is written to cover this
particular point of loss of confidence, to tell how to write the Facts, Grounds and
3. The Author is a Practicing Advocate. During his Advocate practice, what
are the importance instances had came to his knowledge and memory are
utilised to write this book. Writing pleading and conveyancing is not an easy task.
Duty of the Advocate is always confused. It is related to the honesty and
bonafideness of the client. Some clients do consider the Advocate to be their
best friends, while others consider the Advocates as Robbers or parasites. It is
very easy to work for the 2nd category of clients, to work for them, you require no
knowledge at all, being their death is not going to pain you. Whereas any mistake
committed by us should not hurt the welfare of 1st category of clients. This book
is meant for Beginners in the Advocate profession, and for others who want to
conduct their case as “In person”, without help from any Advocate.
4. Whether making a Pleading or Conveyancing, for a client who respects
and want to protect his Advocate’s welfare, the Advocate bears a tough duty. He
should not leave anything “ambiguous”, means suspicious. If there are any such
terms, that will result in unending litigations, and the Judges will have to examine
entire facts and find out, what the Advocate failed to write in length. Normally
both the parties are related and previously known to one another and the
Advocate and Judiciary are outsiders. However, normally the clients are coming
to us, not to get a cause of action to file a case, but to sort out their mutual
disputes amicably. On the other hand, if a Stronger man will come to us with a
request to prepare a foolish document/ contract/ partnership deed; to fool his
Weaker relative/ friend, my principle is, even if I am sitting without work, I do not
do that work, because of two reasons: (1) I cannot permit a Weak party to be
fooled by a person stronger than him, and (2) Some times, the Weaker may be
pretending to be a Weaker, only because of some “previous debt” or Emotional
Black-mail, and he may be stronger than the strong, in that case, the said
Weaker Party will file Bar Council Complaint. I used the same principles while
writing this book also.
5. I had made best efforts to prepare best book. However, all the Law
Journals published in India is not available for my reading. I cannot understand
the English language written in Foreign law books. Thus if the Readers can make
corrections to my mistakes, or give me Good citations from which I can extract
Law Points, I will be very thankfull. This will be done to ensure that, “pleadings
and conveyancing” are two documents which ab-initio decides the Rights and
Duties of parties inter-se and I do not want any mistake in this book.
6. Another offer I make to help the person who purchase this book is, to
inform me his E-mail address, along with Photocopy of the Receipt/ Cash Bill of
the shop. In return, what are the corrections will be made in this book, relying
upon further Judicial pronouncements or relying upon the suggestions received
by me in the previous para, will be communicated, without any delay. Such
purchasers will have no need to buy the next revised edition of this book, being
all the up-dations in each of the chapters will be separately communicated to
them, which they can down-load, take print and paste at appropriate places.