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The “list of contents” given by Mr. Rajiv Rahjea, Advocate, Proprietor of M/s
Capital Law Publishers, Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi; the money given as advance by
him to do the legal research about said “list of contents” had only resulted in this
book, without which, I might have never done research about those chapters.
His twin brother Mr. Sanjiv Raheja, Advocate, Proprietor of M/s Capital Law
Infotech, Vishwas Nagar, Shahdra, Delhi; had provided me his own laptop
computer with 3 softwares loaded in that computer (Legal Eagle Delhi High
Court, Allahabad High Court and Criminal Judgments of all the Courts), without
which help, legal research for this book might never have been possible. I am
also acknowledging his permission to re-produce the copyrighted head notes of
Legal Eagle Softwares, in this book. Unless I will tell
my thanks to both of them, this book will remain incomplete.
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My knowledge gained between July 2010 to till July 2012, are given at the end
of the book, due to shortage of time, I could not re-edit the book, to include them
at correct places.
Due to shortage of time, I could not prepare them for now, but that also will be
completed and re-submitted.
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the book commences from here:-
Introduction by the Author
1. The difficulties faced by a person who want to prepare a Pleadings to file in
any Court, or a Conveyancing deed to determine rights and duties of the persons
out-of-Court, whether as an Advocate, or as an “In Person”, is written by
Gandhiji; regarding his State of Mind as an Advocate, at his age of 22 years,
which is completely quoted from the Book: “The Law And the Lawyers”,
published by Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad:- At page 13: “My
helplessness: It was easy to be called to the Bar but it was difficult to practice at
the Bar. I had read the laws, but not learnt how to practice law. I had read with
interest the Legal Maxims, but did not know how to apply them in my profession,
for the benefit of one’s client. I had read all the leading cases on this maxim, but
they gave me no confidence in the application of it in the practice of law. I had
not even learnt how to draft a plaint, and felt completely at sea. I had serious
misgivings as to whether I should be able even to earn a living by the
2. The difficulty faced to materialize this Book is also same. Simply by
narrating Legal Maxims and related Case law, accompanied by a Pleading, there
is no guarantee that, how anyone can draft his own pleadings. Those who start
their Advocate Career from any other Advocate who have more experience, it is
more easy being “Guru” will be available for clarifying the doubts. However,
lateral entry Advocates do not get opportunity to get a Guru. It is known to every-
body that, simply narrating the Facts, Grounds and Prayer is Pleadings.
However, only while starting to work, the Difficulties narrated by Gandhi will start