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Pink Butterfly Geoff Lynch
Chapter 1
Lost and Found
Jeff Delgado stood in the hallway looking into the dark window
of his wife’s office. He looked at his watch and noted the time was
4:37. He was wondering where his wife could be working. She was
usually at work till 5:00 and it made no sense she was gone this early.
He tried the door and found it locked. He stepped back, shaking his
head in disbelief. The other offices in the hall were well lit and people
were sitting behind desks typing away at their computers, but not his
wife, she was gone.
Jeff stepped over to the office to the right and knocked on the
door. He slowly opened it to get a look at the woman behind the desk.
“Excuse me,” he said, coyly getting the woman’s attention. “Do you
know where Laurie is?” pointing down the hall towards her office. Jeff
didn’t know this woman, or any of the staff his wife worked with, as he
worked evenings and rarely made the sixty mile trip to where his wife
worked. Today was her birthday and he wanted to surprise her with
dinner and a movie, but he was the one surprised when he found her
missing from her office.
“She left early, said it was her birthday and went to the bar with
some of her friends,” the woman replied. “Did you have an
appointment with her? I can call her for you.” she added.