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Dramatis Personae


KARSTEN BERNICK, a shipbuilder.

 MRS. BERNICK, his wife.

 OLAF, their son, thirteen years old.

 MARTHA BERNICK, Karsten Bernick's sister.

JOHAN TONNESEN, Mrs. Bernick's younger brother.

LONA HESSEL, Mrs. Bernick's elder half-sister.

HILMAR TONNESEN, Mrs. Bernick's cousin.

DINA DORF, a young girl living with the Bernicks.

RORLUND, a schoolmaster.

 RUMMEL, a merchant.


KRAP, Bernick's confidential clerk.

 AUNE, foreman of Bernick's shipbuilding yard.


 HILDA RUMMEL, her daughter.


 NETTA HOLT, her daughter.


 Townsfolk and visitors, foreign sailors, steamboat passengers, etc., etc.

 (The action takes place at the Bernicks' house in one of the smaller coast towns in Norway)