Pillars of Society HTML version

SCENE.--The same room. MRS. BERNICK is sitting alone at the work- table, sewing.
BERNICK comes in from the right, wearing his hat and gloves and carrying a stick.)
Mrs. Bernick: Home already, Karsten?
Bernick: Yes, I have made an appointment with a man.
Mrs. Bernick (with a sigh): Oh yes, I suppose Johan is coming up here again.
Bernick: With a man, I said. (Lays down his hat.) What has become of all the ladies
Mrs. Bernick: Mrs. Rummel and Hilda hadn't time to come.
Bernick: Oh !--did they send any excuse?
Mrs. Bernick: Yes, they had so much to do at home.
Bernick: Naturally. And of course the others are not coming either?
Mrs. Bernick: No, something has prevented them today, too.
Bernick: I could have told you that, beforehand. Where is Olaf?
Mrs. Bernick: I let him go out a little with Dina.
Bernick: Hm--she is a giddy little baggage. Did you see how she at once started making
a fuss of Johan yesterday?
Mrs. Bernick: But, my dear Karsten, you know Dina knows nothing whatever of--
Bernick: No, but in any case Johan ought to have had sufficient tact not to pay her any
attention. I saw quite well, from his face, what Vigeland thought of it.
Mrs. Bernick (laying her sewing down on her lap): Karsten, can you imagine what his
objective is in coming here?
Bernick: Well--I know he has a farm over there, and I fancy he is not doing particularly
well with it; she called attention yesterday to the fact that they were obliged to travel
second class--