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Before using this guide please review the explanation of the phonetics. The spelling of other languages does not translate the same as English. The people of all foreign countries are more than helpful with their language.
Therefore, listen carefully to them and do not hesitate to ask. When you read the phonetic pronunciation let it all flow together and try not to make each syllable sound so independent and mechanical. Let the syllables connect smoothly.

Phonetic spellings and sounds ie– like the i in nine/y in my rr– the slight rolling r which sounds more like“r-d”, rrr indicates

a more emphasized rolling

eh– like the e in pet or wet ah– like the a in grandpa or lawn uh– like the u in pump or lump ih– like the i in lift or sit

y– after a consonant in the middle

of a word like the e’s in speed oo/ew– like theo’s in boot or food aow– like the ow in owl or fowl zh– like the s in measure/pleasure or– like the or in for or more kh– made at the back and top of

the mouth like a cat hissing

rh– simply fade the r into an h

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