Peter Carrot-Top HTML version

This made the kids laugh even harder.
Peter was all alone in the world; he didn't understand
or fit in. There was nothing the principal or the teachers
could do. He was just a special boy. His mother and father
were hurt the most; Peter got the orange hair from his
father, and the freckles from his mother.
His parents went to the school regularly to seek help
for him. Just a poor farmer, Peter's father did not know
what to do. He would pace the school hall as he talked to
the Dean of the school asking for help for his son, but Mr.
Snicker, the Dean, just walked around with his fat gut
stuck out, and only made the Carrot-Tops feel worse by
telling them their child needed to be placed in a special
Peter's father slammed down his hat in frustration as
the Dean sat back in his leather chair, and smoked his
cigar with a smirk on his face.
Mr. Snicker shouted at Peter's father, "Boy, calm down
before I have you thrown out on your ears!"
Peter's father grabbed up his hat; took his wife by
the hand and stormed into Peter's English class. "Peter,
get your things. We're taking you out of this school!"
By the look on his father's face, Peter knew that his
dad was very upset. All Peter's mother could do was cry and