Peter Carrot-Top HTML version

the popularity of their fruits and vegetables, they became
a household name. Merchants came from all over the world to
buy their fruits and vegetables.
Some of the other farmers became extremely jealous of
the success of the Carrot-Tops. They tried to sabotage
their land, either by overflowing it with garbage or water,
but it never worked. The fruits and vegetables kept on
growing and growing. Some were so tall that their leaves
touched the clouds. Nevertheless, Sam and Jane ignored
their rivals and continued to be good neighbors.
Their pride and joy was their son and only child,
Peter Carrot-Top, a 10-year-old boy who was as skinny as a
Beanpole with bright orange hair and deep freckles on his
face. He wore the same old clothing over and over again,
brown khaki pants and a rainbow-colored shirt with two
different colored shirt sleeves.
Peter was teased by all the kids. Not only was his
hair funny, but his name, Peter Carrot-Top, was as well.
The kids teased him all day. Every day it was the same
thing, kids singing, "Peter Carrot-Top, Peter Carrot-Top,"
in an annoying and devilish tone.
Peter was sick of it. Unfortunately, every time he got
upset, his head would swell up like a big orange balloon
and his orange hair would gently stand up at attention.