Peter Carrot-Top HTML version

Chapter 1
Meet the Carrot-Tops
A long, long time ago, in the year 1850, there was a
man by the name of Sam Carrot-Top. He was a well educated
man, slender in build and always wore a dusty old cap that
covered his orange hair and broken glasses. He was an
honest and wealthy man, but you would never guess that he
and his family were well off; he never showed his wealth or
bragged about it. He used his money to help the poor and
His wife, Jane, was oh so beautiful, with lush red
hair, a petite figure, and smooth, creamy pale skin. She
loved all the children in the neighborhood, always fixing a
broken heart or a scraped knee. She was the perfect
housewife, the kind any man could want.
They lived in a small town in Georgia called Valdosta.
Sam and Jane were the talk of the town; they grew the
largest vegetables and fruits the eyes have ever seen.
Their watermelons were the size of houses and carrots as
long as 20 feet!
All the neighbors began to whisper, and became jealous
of the success of the Carrot-Tops; farmers came from near
and far to see the great Carrot-Top plantation. Because of