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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Peter Carrot-Top

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Published: 5 years ago

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Peter Carrot-top is the first ghost child to be born on Earth,Until one day he discovers his powers of creating large black holes and was taken to see the mystical Oracle of the forest.She send him back to his home World of Baja way behind the moon,where he will use his powers to defend his land against the seven Wizards of the forest and their leagues of extraordinary monsters.

Cherie mouadna

I enjoyed the book and the adventures and challenges the children had to over come. I think children will enjoy reading about the strange talents the children please.

thomas paterson

I don't know how old the author is. I get the impression from the way it is written that they are not very old. Concept is good, writing quality could use improvement. Very childlike style. I liked the book nonetheless.


This was a very cute book. One that I think kids would like to read.


Written in a childish manner, the story does not flow well.


Yolanda Jackson

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