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Personal Branding Strategy

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Published: 2 years ago

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Author: J.K. Masters & Career

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What does it take to steer your way to the top? It’s by building your personal branding strategy. Imagine yourself in the middle of thousands of MBA Applicants and Job Seekers. Now, how do you stand out when the number of willing candidates far exceeds the number of vacancies available. How do you demonstrate both accurately & convincingly that you are the most appropriate applicant. There is no clearer way of achieving this objective than by branding yourself effectively. That's right. Grab this eBook & steer your way through thousands of applicants by building your personal branding strategy.


This book gives only very general advices about how to apply to a MBA. Nothing to do with the title. It's a good thing it's free, otherwise I'd be asking my money back.


agree. this is about applying to grad school - no real help and guidance about personal branding

Apache Brave

No clear advice as to how to go about Personal Branding.


J.K. Masters & Career

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