Performance Improvement Guide HTML version

Preface to Fifth Edition
The Performance Improvement Guide (PIG) is published by the
US Coast Guard Leadership Development Center, in collaboration with
the Office of Performance Management (CG-0954).
The Coast Guard strives to be the best-led and best-managed
organization in government. That's a never-ending challenge for all
Coast Guard people. This guide is an aid to help you respond to the
challenge; its contents were selected to involve employees, enhance
team effectiveness, ease problem-solving, facilitate better meeting
management, improve processes, increase customer satisfaction, and
improve overall performance to produce superior mission results.
The PIG is an idea source of tools, processes, and models.
Organizational Performance Consultants (OPCs) and the latest
Commandant‘s Performance Excellence Criteria (CPEC) Guidebook
are also valuable leadership and management resources.
The Leadership Development Center appreciates the many
improvement suggestions made by users of previous editions. Though
the PIG format remains largely the same, its contents and organization
have changed. Changes to this edition include:
? A reorganized and expanded tool section, including basic project
management tools
? A section on senior leadership, including strategic planning
? Updates to examples
? Updates to wording choice and explanations to reflect the Coast
Guard‘s evolution in its continuous improvement efforts
We hope you find this a useful, informative resource.
The Leadership Development Center Staff
and the Performance Excellence Program