Perception Effects HTML version

The Canvas
I’m still having this vision in front of me. It just wouldn’t disappear.
The first time I ever saw her eyes I could not get them off my mind for three days.
No matter what I did, no matter where I was, I could always see those eyes in
front of me: sharp blue like a winter sky, intensely staring, motionless yet so alive,
transparent through whatever was there, covering everything else. It seemed I
couldn’t do anything anymore. I was only envisioning her eyes. It had been only a
matter of an instant, as she had looked at me - a few seconds at most, and yet I
could not forget it, as if the image had been imprinted in my mind, burning my soul
eternally… icy freezing, impossibly distant, irrevocably close, forever…
I had met her on the tramway. I took the tramway to the painting studio every
morning. That morning, I was just sitting there, glancing absently through the swaying
vehicle, through the first rays of sunrise that were coloring the windows in pale
shades of pink and orange. My eyes were wandering casually over the crowd of
unknown people, when I saw her. She was seated somewhere in front of me, her
arms folded, silently staring into space. And when I noticed her, for whatever reason,
she looked directly at me and our eyes met.
I felt this intense burning, as if I was becoming transparent and she was glancing
right through me. Suddenly, I could hardly breathe. I stared into those eyes, letting
my mind go off like a blank page, while my heart started racing unexplainably. I
looked at her, sustaining her glance like a daring contest. Who would have more